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New deadline for Tsunami of homeless by the pandemic

The Federal Housing Department estimates that 14% of the nation’s 44 million renters report arrears. /File

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Governor Kathy Hochul had to start her term with a litmus test for the expiration of the moratorium or term to pay the rent that was met on August 31, with the threat of throwing New York families onto the streets who, for the pandemic, they lost wages and cannot pay the rent.

With the legislators, in Albany, he found a temporary solution until January 15 of next year, but the problem continues to grow and it would be convenient for the nation’s leaders to start thinking, right now, how to solve the problem before that deadline to prevent millions of families from being sent to the streets.

For the moment, we believe it is convenient that this aid money through the Emergency Rent Fund be delivered directly to the owners or landlords, so that it is guaranteed that the money remains in the appropriate hands, especially since there is no way out on the horizon. easy from this mess.

It is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of the parties. The activists and tenants of Manhattan asked for the extension of the term until the next summer of the year 2022, but before the Court, the owners demand that they pay them to maintain the property and provide the legal services such as hot water and heating, in addition to that many also need the money.

The Court agreed with them and says that it is time to start the path towards normality so that contracts and deadlines are fulfilled. In other words, the governors are between two waters.

Hence, the best thing would be to find a Solomonic solution to end the anguish of throwing more homeless people onto the streets of the world’s capital, without affecting homeowners.

The deadline had already been extended last May and then extended until August when the CDC launched a lifeline to the tenants and extended the time that ended on August 31 for a final month because according to the Court they could not make that decision.

And while the Federal Department of Housing estimates that 14% of the nation’s 44 million tenants report arrears in payments, in New York some 46,000 forms of the more than 200,000 requests for assistance received in the United States have already been processed. Income Emergency Fund for the pandemic.

The surprise is that there have also been no more applications than expected to help survive the potential tsunami of evictions that is expected if they do not find a solution that works for everyone.

Sofia Villa is Producer Writer Univision NY. This column was prepared in a personal capacity by the author and their opinions do not represent Univision Communications Inc.

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