Sunday, December 5

New fertilizers have to wait

Elche fans who want to purchase new season tickets to enjoy Elche in the First Division this season will have to wait, at least, until next week.

Despite the fact that last Wednesday the Ministry of Health announced, after the Interterritorial Council of the autonomous communities, that the capacity of the stadiums was increased from 40 to 60%, the Elche club remains in a waiting measure until it is pronounced , in principle, the Generalitat Valenciana must do it on Monday about the details that have to be fulfilled in the distribution of the followers in the stands.

The president of the franjiverde entity, Joaquín Buitrago, said yesterday that “we are eager to launch the new campaign so that more fans can attend the games, but we must be prudent and wait for the Ministry of Health to tell us in what conditions we can reach that 60% capacity ».

The leader explained that “before carrying out any initiative, it is necessary to know if the seat of separation between non-cohabitants is maintained and to know what is the maximum limit allowed in each sector of the field.”

Buitrago commented that “we are going to open a campaign for new subscribers, but after knowing all the details of the new decree to be issued by the Generalitat Valenciana, we will decide if we will put two thousand, four thousand or those that allow us to comply with the protocol for sale. If we could without limit it would be the best. But at the moment we can’t.

The president of Elche indicated that “what we do not want is to sell fertilizers from a sector of the field in the lower ring and then have to place them in the upper ring, because we understand that it would not be fair and we would receive protests. We have the advantage that we have not sold fertilizers in the upper ring, but first we must know how we have to distribute those in the lower ring ».

8,500 subscribers

Elche currently has 8,500 subscribers and in the first two league matches, against Athletic Club del Bilbao and Sevilla, Martínez Valero has had a maximum capacity of 13,500 spectators. However, barely 10,000 attendees have been exceeded and a good number have been fans of the visiting teams. Many fans who have acquired their card were on vacation and others have decided not to go until the levels of the pandemic drop.

The club from Elche launched an exclusive campaign aimed at those subscribers from two seasons ago – last season there was no public attendance until the last league game – and 8,500 renewed their subscription. This situation has also allowed a reduced number of seats to be put up for sale in the first two meetings.

If Elche can comply with the new measures that the Generalitat Valenciana must announce next week, for the next match at home, against Levante, on the weekend of September 18-19, Martínez Valero could have a capacity of 20,000 spectators . Time is running out, but the franjiverde entity has in its favor that for two weeks the team will not play again and at home and, although it has to wait to put the new season tickets on sale, it has enough time to put the new one campaign underway.

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