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New fleet of police vehicles

New fleet of police vehicles

New fleet of police vehicles

The Torrevieja City Council negotiation table has validated the proposal of the government team and the municipal technical services of the Personnel area to raise the complement of duty of the local base police to level 18. It was an old salary claim of the base officers, although what the unions demanded was an equalization with other local police to achieve level 20 and 22. Federico Alarcón (PP), Councilor for Security of the City Council indicated that the change could entail a salary increase of up to sixty euros per month and that the Government Sub-delegation does not allow the jump to 20 points to occur in a single budget year. The current one is made on the budgets in force for 2020.

Each official is assigned a complement level of destination that is linked to a step that is assigned to the specific position in which they are rendering their services. Normally, the greater the complexity and responsibility of the position, the greater the destination complement. Hence, the agents wanted to equate it with the rest of the Local Police staff of similar municipalities. To this salary improvement, the Torrevieja City Council is going to add a public offer of employment (OPE) of 12 police officers -9 base and an inspector per free shift-, an officer for internal promotion and another Local Police agent for «job stabilization ». The one that is intended to solve in part the serious problem of lack of personnel dragged by the staff, which is barely enough with the commanders including the 155 agents. Something that causes constant problems to complete shifts, because in addition to having a short workforce, the percentage of sick leave over the total fluctuates between 15 and 20% of the workforce and around twenty agents carry out their function in second activity by age -they perform building and administrative custody tasks, they are not in Traffic, the Operational Unit that patrols at night or the GRO. 40 of the agents are interim. That is, they lack the skills to perform some functions in addition to not being able to carry firearms.

For example, most of the night shifts do not usually count as head of service an inspector. This function is performed by an officer and in many cases the most veteran base agent. Federico Alarcón trusts that on this occasion, as the proposal before the Government Sub-delegation is legally justified, which is the one that the OPE must authorize because the state administration is the one that supervises that the limitations on the creation of public employment that They have been in force for almost a decade – after the economic crisis. The City Council has failed in its attempts to carry out previous proposals despite the fact that they adhere to the rate of replacement of vacancies for retirement stipulated by law and which is somewhat less inflexible in the case of services such as the Local Police.

If finally the City Council manages to carry out an opposition process in the Local Police staff, something that has not been achieved for 12 years, it will also take an important step in another direction. With the best candidates who have not passed the test, a job bank will be created, which is currently lacking in the workforce, which allows substitutions of the leave, and which is not covered now.

Torrevieja has renewed its fleet of police vehicles that was presented yesterday in the Plaza de Oriente. The municipality has made an investment of € 800,000 for the incorporation of eleven patrol cars for renting with an option to buy. Another five will also be incorporated, including special crowds and GRO vans and one for canine patrol. The cars, such as Nissan SUVs, have video recording devices of the performances, both outside and inside, as well as incorporating some of the new basic communications equipment and screens for arrests. With this incorporation, the fleet will consist of 22 vehicles in total.

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