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New Jersey student died after falling into garbage dump

Authorities presume that Justine Gross’ death was accidental.

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A Penn State University, Pennsylvania student from New Jersey fell 11 stories down a garbage chute in the apartment building where he lived after allegedly having had a bad reaction to using an unspecified drug.

The remains of Justine Gross, 19, They were found last Friday when a garbage hauler dumped their cargo in a landfill, the deceased’s mother reported to on Thursday.

Francoise Gross claimed her daughter fell from the garbage chute into a dumpster where she lived at Beaver Terrace Apartments, located one block from the university campus in Pennsylvania.

The mother explained that Justine’s roommates told her that their daughter had met a young man two days before his death, and gave him a “smoke” that influenced it to fall.

It is believed that the man Justine met was also a student at the university, but lives on the seventh floor of the building, and after the mother’s testimony, the subject gave her a drug that motivated the young woman to run upstairs and take the somersault.

“He said, somewhat casually, ‘she came down and I gave him a cigarette.’ Said he had a really bad reaction, panic, or whatever, and that he was trying to get her back to her apartment on the 10th floor, ”Francoise said.

However, she was informed by the State College police that Gross’s death appeared to be accidental, although these claims do not convince Justine’s mother.

The footage showed Justine walking out of her 10th floor apartment to meet the man on the 7th floor, then leaving the venue while walking unsteady. She did not return home, but ran alone to the garbage chute room on the 11th floor and disappeared, pointed out.

The autopsy results for Gross, who was a third semester at Penn State College of Liberal Arts, are expected to be completed in six weeks. destacó Center Daily Times.

The 19-year-old’s funeral will be held Saturday at Santa Teresa de Avila Church in Summit, according to her obituary.

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