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New judicial dose of the Epstein case: Ghislaine Maxwell, on the bench

A retrato by Ghislaine Maxwell.

A retrato by Ghislaine Maxwell.

The process against Ghislaine Maxwell, the pimp who allegedly recruited teenagers for the mogul Jeffrey Epstein could to abuse of them, has this Tuesday one of its preliminary phases with the selection of the jury, which will be public by decision of Judge Alison J. Nathan.

It is unknown how long the selection of the jury may take, but in any case the date of the first hearing is set for November 29.

Attorneys for Maxwell, 59, had asked that this selection be made behind closed doors to avoid further publicizing an already extremely high-profile case, but Nathan, of the federal court for the southern district of Manhattan, argued that it prevails. the first amendment to the Constitution, which protects freedom of the press.

Juror questionnaires typically ask whether a potential juror has prior knowledge of a criminal case, news articles, or other sources, knows people related to the case, and whether they or people they know have been victims. of the crimes tried; if so, they are discarded by the possible biases with which they will go to the hearings. In addition, criteria of age, race and economic level are usually taken into account to form juries that are as representative as possible of society.

Maxwell, daughter of a wealthy British businessman, is in prison since July 2020, and the judge has denied his parole claiming that he has three passports and there is a risk of flight. In this regard, the newspaper ‘New York Times’ collects this Tuesday in an article the numerous complaints of Maxwell’s team of defenders about his detention conditions, so strict that one of the lawyers compares it with those of the character of the psychopath Hannibal Lecter in the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.

Jeffrey Epstein y Ghislaine Maxwell. EFE

The judge has dismissed almost all defense requests, such as lifting the anonymity of the victims who will testify in the room under a pseudonym, and to protect their identity, it has prohibited the work of the so-called “room artists”, hired to draw media cases from which photographs cannot be obtained.

For the newspaper, the Maxwell trial is a kind of “Proxy trial” of the main defendant, Jeffrey Epstein, arrested in July 2019 and who committed suicide in the Manhattan prison cell where he had been since August of that same year. Epstein’s suicide occurred just a month after he was formally accused of abusing and exploiting dozens of teenagers both at his Manhattan (New York) mansion and at his Palm Beach (Florida) residence and property in the Islands. Virgins, presumably with the help of Maxwell, with whom he had had a romantic relationship in the past.

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