Wednesday, May 25

New mess in the Ceuta Assembly: “Vox calls the rest of the parties ‘pro-Moroccan’

Image of a plenary session of the Ceuta Assembly.

Image of a plenary session of the Ceuta Assembly.

The President of Ceuta, Juan Vivas (PP), has ordered this Thursday for the first time making use of the faculties granted by the Regulations of the Autonomous Assembly that the accusations of “pro-Moroccans” that the spokesman for Vox, Carlos Verdejo, he has once again directed other deputies and parties of the regional Chamber such as the localistas of the MDyC and Caballas, but that has also extended to at least part of the popular and socialists.

After another Plenary Session of Control to the Government of maximum tension, the President of the City has refused to suspend the debate or order the eviction of Verdejo by the Police “because Ceuta does not deserve to project that image.” “What they want with their retrograde populism is that this plenary session is not held, that the agents remove them, but I am not going to allow it because I am leaving before,” Vivas has warned, who has urged the rest of the parliamentary groups to “no fall for the provocations “of Vox.

Verdejo has taken advantage of the exposition of his interpellations to personally attack different deputies and parties such as the socialist Juan Gutiérrez, whom he has once again linked to criminal activities, or the Health Councilors, Alberto Gaitán; Environment, Yamal Dris; and Presidency, Mabel Deu, whom he has labeled “chicken for good soup” after she portrayed him as “demagogue, liar and populist morning cock“.

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The most bitter verbal confrontations, have been generated, in line with his invectives, with Gutiérrez, who has shouted out Verdejo as “clown, shit and scoundrel”, behavior for which he later apologized, and with Dris, who after be singled out as promoter of a “sheep mafia” around the celebration of the Islamic Passover of the Sacrifice He has come to leave the Plenary Hall challenging the Vox spokesperson and has returned to the brink of tears.

Since the PP dispensed with the support of Vox so that the minority local government has stability and decided to lean back on the PSOE, at the end of last year, those of Santiago Abascal have been raising the tone of their speech against all the other members of the Assembly. After the border crisis in May, its leaders have taken a qualitative leap to refer continuously to the rest of the parties and part of Ceuta society in obvious implicit allusion to the Muslim community as “pro-Moroccan” and “fifth columnist” of the annexationism of the neighboring country.

Vivas suspended the activity of the regional Parliament in June, which was resumed this Thursday, with the vocation of try to reach a minimum agreement on the need to “not fall for the provocations of Vox”, which from his point of view “makes the speech to Morocco” when he affirms that among the institutional representatives of the Ceuta there are opponents of the Spanish sovereignty of the city.

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