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New movie Harrison Ford | Indiana Jones prepares to hang the whip

Harrison Ford, characterized as Indiana Jones, in a still from the new film.

At the age of 80, Harrison Ford plays the archaeologist for the last time in a fifth installment entitled ‘The Dial of Fate’

Iker Cortes

“It is done! I won’t fall for you again.” With that little point of perdonavidas, Harrison Ford was dispatched at ease in September, when he presented, before the reduced capacity of the D23 Expo, the trailer for the fifth installment of Indiana Jones. At that time he had no title. Now we know that it is called ‘The Dial of Destiny’ and that it will be released on June 30, 2023. When the film hits screens around the world, Ford will be a few days away from turning 81.

«I miss the desert, and also the sea. And getting up every morning wondering what wonderful adventure the new day will bring us”, says a voice-over in the preview of the new feature film while images of the archaeologist driving a tuk tuk, jumping from one vehicle to another, going down to the bottom of the sea or teaching classes at the university. “Those days are long gone,” says Indiana. “I don’t believe in magic, but throughout my life I’ve seen things that I can’t explain and my conclusion is that it’s not so much what you believe in, but how intensely you do it,” Jones says, and we see the hero of the movie. whip and hat on a train carriage, imprisoned, on horseback at a massive party or in gloomy catacombs. Often featuring a digitally rejuvenated Ford, the trailer ends with a hilarious homage to the Raiders of the Lost Ark moment in which the archaeologist settles a fight with a skilled swordsman by drawing his revolver and pulling the trigger.

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The truth is that the intricate journey that has followed the launch of this new installment has been almost more eventful than the adventures that the scourge of the Nazis has suffered over these more than forty years, perhaps because of the fiasco that it entailed. the last chapter of the saga, ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’. Released in 2008, many years after the actor had made peace with the protagonist –yes, he was fed up with the character–, the film abused computer-generated special effects, impossible sequences, and introduced completely failed characters. as Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf), son of the explorer, perhaps with the intention of strengthening the continuity of the franchise.

The first information about the new film came back in March 2016, when Ford had just met Han Solo again in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ – in the trailer there is a frame in which a nod to his Millennium Falcon– and was preparing to bring Rick Deckard back to life in ‘Blade Runner 2049’, two of his best-known characters. It was then that Disney announced to great fanfare that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford were joining forces again to shape a new story starring the archaeologist with a phobia of snakes. The film was going to be released in July 2019. However, filming never started and the premiere kept accumulating delays. First 2020, then the pandemic arrived and it was delayed to 2021. Specialized media once pointed out that the most important stumbling block was in the script, that none of those responsible for the saga liked it, and that it had been entrusted to David Koepp , author of the text on which the last film had been built.

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twilight jones

At the beginning of 2020, such a novel plot took an unexpected turn. Steven Spielberg, director of the four previous installments, decided to disassociate himself from the project when he understood that, as he had done with ‘Jurassic World’, it was better to leave the franchise in younger hands that could provide a new perspective. The film thus passed into the hands of James Mangold, responsible for ‘Logan’, the film starring Wolverine, the X-Men character, almost twilight, very much in line with what the hero with the whip and the hat.

It is difficult to guess where Jones’ new adventure will go, although it does seem that the adventure will avoid, as much as possible, digital effects, beyond the rejuvenation of the actor at certain times. There are even those who already predict that Ford is going to take over from another actor, something that Mangold has actively and passively denied: «Once again, no one is going to take over, or replace Indy, or put on his hat, nor is it going to be ‘erased’ in any way. It was never going to be, in any editing or script, but the trolls are going to continue trolling, that’s how they get their clicks », he has come to say. It is true that the presence of the charismatic Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Helena opens up a possibility that is difficult to ignore. At the moment, Disney has already announced that it intends to squeeze the franchise through a serial that will come to its platform. It is unknown if it will be a continuation, a prequel or a ‘spin off’.

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