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New Opel Grandland: Double winning bet, hybrid and plug-in

New Opel Grandland: Double winning bet, hybrid and plug-in

New Opel Grandland: Double winning bet, hybrid and plug-in

Opel keep betting on the reliability and for showing an offer according to the user’s needs. And in this moment of electrification it was necessary to have models capable of standing up to the most competitive segment of the market. The one with the SUV. That is why before the summer the German brand of the Stellantis group launched the new generation of the Grandland, endowing it with a double electrified proposal. Those two plug-in hybrids they give the Grandland first-rate strength in the face of increasingly belligerent competition. The brand therefore has the Crossland, the Mokka and the Grandland to fight in the segment.

Movement is life, and that’s what Opel does. Move with the times. With the new Grandland, the brand clears the mystery of the previous generation. The ‘X’ disappears from the nomenclature to give way to names more in keeping with the moment: Hybrid e Hybrid4. All on a platform that offers a length of 4.47 meters.

It is true that the offer of Grandland goes beyond PHEV, because it has a multi-energy platform that also welcomes the 1.5 liter diesel engines from 130 CV and gasoline 1.2-liter three-cylinder 130 hp. However, the big star of the season is the plug-in hybrid, which in just three months has already achieved 13% of orders for the model in Spain.

Opel Viewfinder

The new Opel Grandland offers notable aesthetic changes compared to the previous model, taking the language Opel Viewfinder presented in the Astra and that already incorporates the Mocha. The grill is fully integrated with the headlights, in fact it looks like one piece. The optical groups IntelliLux Led Pixel (168 LEDs, 84 for each headlamp) give it a robust and elegant look at the same time. It obtains a muscular line that is confirmed in the rear with very well defined optics (parts) and the name of the model aligned in the center occupying almost the space from side to side.

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Inside the Grandland incorporates two screens, a 12-inch one for the instrumentation and a 10-inch one to power the multimedia system. The first is the same standard for all versions, while the multimedia is smaller in the most basic models. The two screens are shown continuously, forming the same visual image that occupies most of the dashboard.

It is necessary to emphasize the comfort of the seats, so much in front as behind. Obviously the rear central plaza is somewhat more uncomfortable. In some versions, the seats can be heated in both areas, and the front seats can also be ventilated. Opel has not wasted the money in making a spectacular interior, opting rather for a concept that comfort and functionality prevail than more expensive materials. The trunk is spacious, with a good load capacity 514 liters (in the PHEV versions it is 309 liters).

The Grandland is offered with three trim levels: Business Edition, GS Line and Ultimate. Release the system Highway Integration Assist, an active cruise control that is linked to the automatic lane keeping system. The system also stands out in the equipment Night Vision It allows people and animals to be detected in low visibility conditions at night, 100 meters away, thanks to its infrared operation.

Electric autonomy

Mechanically the two stars of the Grandland Are the two plug-in hybrid versionss. The first one offers front-wheel drive and deliver 224 hp of power. It is already a version efficient enough to be considered, especially since it allows autonomy (approved) in 61 km electric mode. The other proposal is the Hybrid4 It is based on the same technology offered by other PSA models (now Stellantis) such as the Peugeot 3008 and the Citroën C5 Aircross. Offers a 300 hp power and all-wheel drive, accrediting 66 kilometers of electric autonomy.

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The price range fluctuates between 27,573 euros for combustion versions (petrol 130 hp Business Edition) and the 48,850 euros (Hybrid4 Ultimate).


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