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New revelations about the complicated relationship between William and Henry of England: a discussion at his grandfather’s funeral | People

On July 1, Diana of Wales would have turned sixty. The anniversary will be commemorated with a celebration and the unveiling of a statue in the gardens of Kensington Palace, an act that will reunite their sons, William and Henry of England. The brothers have not seen each other since last April when they coincided at the funeral of their grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, after more than a year of media estrangement. His meeting this Thursday to honor his mother seemed to be the ideal occasion for a rapprochement between the two.

This does not appear to be the case based on recent statements by journalist Robert Lacey, author of Battle Of Brothers (The battle of the brothers), to the British newspaper Daily Mail. As the historian, known for his biographies of businessman Henry Ford and Queen Elizabeth II, has told, the relationship between the two not only did not improve when they met again a year later at his grandfather’s funeral, but they ended up arguing with the “same always fierceness ”. “The rage and anger between the two of us has grown incredibly deep. Too many harsh and hurtful things have been said, ”a source there told Lacey.

Although William and Henry shared a brief public talk outside of St George’s Chapel in Windsor, they began to argue “within minutes of entering the castle and out of reach of the cameras.” According to the journalist, the two-hour conversation between the brothers and their father, Carlos de Inglaterra, did not take place, as has been published, and “there was no reconciliation, no fraternal meeting or mini-meeting.” He added: “The conflict between the two deeply divided children of Diana does not seem to be ending anytime soon.”

That day, the brothers did not walk shoulder to shoulder behind their grandfather’s coffin, but rather with their cousin Peter Phillips, the son of Anne of England, in the middle. Then in the chapel they sat opposite each other; Guillermo accompanied by Kate Middleton and, Enrique, alone, since Meghan Markle did not travel to London when her pregnancy was very advanced. On this occasion, everything indicates that they will see each other again. Enrique is already in the United Kingdom to attend the tribute to his mother, but the Duchess of Sussex has not flown with her husband and remains in California with the couple’s two children, Archie and little Lilibet, who still does not know her paternal family. Apparently, the drastic reduction of the list of guests to the event due to capacity issues related to the health crisis could also cause the absence of Kate Middleton.

The schism between the brothers began when several employees of Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex then resided, officially complained that they were being subjected to alleged workplace harassment by Markle, as Robert Lacey himself recently explained to The Times. The tension between the two reached a point of no return when Guillermo telephoned Enrique to ask for an explanation about the complaints against Meghan Markle that he had received. Enrique exploded in defense of his wife, and when Guillermo insisted, he hung up the phone. The kilometers that separate the brothers since Enrique moved to the United States and the mobility restrictions derived from the pandemic have not favored the rapprochement between the two either.

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