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New sanctions on Russia today, March 3

Russia is being globally sanctioned as a consequence of its invasion of Ukraine and a global response.

The Putin’s government is being punished by countries around the world. Many companies have joined the boycott. After knowing the sanctions of yesterday, March 2, these are the sanctions who have left this Thursday in the light and that will affect the invading country:

Paralympic Games

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC, for its acronym in English), After an extraordinary General Meeting held this Thursday, it has decided that Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be able to compete in the Beijing Winter Paralympics (China) due to threats from other countries not to participate if they are there.

The decision comes a day after the IPC cleared athletes from the two countries to participate as neutrals, saying the governing body had followed its rules and “the athletes were not the aggressors.”


Netflix ha paralyzed its Russian original productions, as well as the acquisition of rights for future audiovisual projects in the country. According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, the platform had four projects in development in Russia: ‘Anna K’, a contemporary version of Anna Karenina that was to be Netflix’s first Russian original series; ‘Zato’, a police drama; ‘Nothing Special’, a drama about a young actor who works at a charity for people with disabilities; and a fourth untitled fiction.

Other companies that have joined the blockade against Russia are Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros. and Disney, which have canceled their premieres in the country’s theaters. In this way, films like The Batman, Morbius, Belfast or Jurassic World Dominion will not be seen in Russia at the moment.


The Swedish furniture giant Ikea announced this Thursday the suspension of their activities on Russia and Belarus, which affects about 15,000 employees, 17 stores and three production factories. “The war has a huge human impact and also translates into serious disruptions in the production and trade chain, which is why the group’s companies decided to temporarily suspend Ikea’s activities in Russia,” the group said in a statement. sent to AFP.

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The Swedish textile firm Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has decided temporarily stop your sales on Russia as a result of the “tragic” events in Ukraine, as indicated by the multinational. Likewise, the Scandinavian chain has confirmed that the H&M stores in Ukraine have been temporarily closed to ensure the safety of customers and workers. “The H&M Group is deeply concerned about the tragic events in Ukraine and supports all the people who are suffering,” the company said in a statement.

UN nuclear agency

The IAEA Board of Governors, the executive body of the UN nuclear agency, has approved a resolution critical of Russia for the potential dangers to nuclear facilities in that country. According to diplomatic sources consulted by Efe in Vienna, 26 of the 35 countries on the Board voted in favor of the resolution presented by Poland and Canada, while only Russia and China voted against it. The approved resolution “deplores” Russia’s actions in Ukraineincluding “the forcible takeover of nuclear facilities”.


The Spar Girona has been refished to play the Euroleague quarterfinals basketball following the exclusion of Russian teams of the competitions FIBAannounced this Wednesday. The Catalan team had finished the group stage of the continental competition in fifth place and had thus passed the quarterfinals of the European Championship, the second European tournament, but the exclusion of Dynamo Kursk, fourth in the group, has returned the Girona to the Euroleague. Alfred Julbe’s team will now face Perfumerías Avenida, which in turn has benefited from the exclusion of Russian Yekaterinburg, winner of four of the last five editions, to finish first in group A.

The London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), the operator of the London Stock Exchange, has suspended the negotiation of the depositary certificates representing foreign shares (GDR) of 27 Russian companies or companies strongly linked to this country, including the certificates of companies such as Gazprom, Sberbank, Lukoil or Rosneft. “In addition to the recent sanctions in connection with the events in Ukraine, in light of market conditions and in order to maintain order, the London Stock Exchange has suspended the listing of the listed instruments with immediate effect. “, has indicated the manager.

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North Macedonia joined this Thursday suspension of broadcasting of pro-Kremlin media Sputnik and Russia Today. Since the beginning of the conflict, North Macedonia, a member of NATO and a candidate for accession to the European Union, expressed its support for Kiev and the Western allies by condemning the Russian attack and supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Skopje has offered military support to the Ukrainian armyhas closed its airspace to Russian aircraft, and has joined the economic and financial sanctions to Russia. There are no Russian-owned banks in this Balkan country of two million people, but in recent years there have been private Russian investments in the energy and mining sectors.

EA Sports

The boycott of Russia for the invasion of Ukraine has even reached video games. EA Sports announced on Wednesday its decision to retaliate against the invading country “in solidarity with the Ukrainians.” In this way, the video game company has started the process to remove from fifa 22as well as its online and mobile versions, to the russian national team already the Russian league teamsin the image of the decision made by the football authorities.


The promoter of the F-1 World Cup announced this Thursday that it had definitively broken its contract with the promoter of the Russian Grand Prix, after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. “Formula 1 can confirm that it has completed its contract with the promoter of the Russian Grand Prix, which means that Russia will not have a race in the future,” F-1 promoter Formula One told reporters.

The 2022 Russian GP, ​​canceled last week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was to be the last organized in Sochi before being moved to Saint Petersburg from 2023. The decision announced this Thursday is yet another in a series of measures taken by different international institutions against Russian sport.

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The Japanese firm Toyota has also announced the suspension of production in his only factory in Russia and the cessation of the shipment of vehicles to the country citing “supply chain disruptions” linked to the invasion of Ukraine.

“Toyota Motor Russia will stop production at its St. Petersburg plant from March 4 and has halted the import of vehicles, until further notice, due to supply chain disruptions,” the company said in a statement. A spokeswoman for the Japanese company, world market leader, confirmed that these supply problems were linked to the conflict.


The third deputy mayor, Laia Bonet, has made public through Twitter a letter addressed to the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Barcelona, ​​Aleksandr Pankov, in which he informs him of the decision of the consistory regarding the situation in Ukraine. In the letter, Bonet explained that the municipal plenary session in February unanimously agreed on an institutional declaration condemning the attack and calling for “the immediate end of hostilities and the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.”

Related news

For this reason, it has informed the consul that “until the illegal invasion of Ukraine ceases and peace returns to the country”, the city council will not participate in events convened by the consulate. Nor will he invite diplomatic representatives of the Russian Federation to meetings and events convened by the council.

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