Saturday, December 9

New scam: Caixabank’s notice for those who always have Bluetooth turned on on their mobile


It poses a danger to our safety in addition to constant energy consumption

Technology makes life easier for all of us. And when we say everyone, it is also the friends of others. Online scams continue to increase, so in recent weeks there have been several associations and entities that have reported the latest scam using Bluetooth.

If a few days ago we echoed the warning of cybersecurity experts and attendees at the annual Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas who asked to keep the Bluetooth of mobile phones disabled. The reason? A large part of the cases of cybercrime and violation of privacy occur through access through this tool.

This week it has been Caixabank that asks its customers not to fall into bluesnarfing. This is a cyberattack by which cybercriminals use vulnerabilities that exist in the Bluetooth protocol to steal data. They use different tools with which they could steal information from our phone.

The word comes from combining the ‘blue-‘ of Bluetooth and the term snarfing, which refers to copying data from a device without having permission to do so. Through bluesnarfing it is possible to access telephones, laptops, watches and, in general, any device that makes use of Bluetooth technology. This also includes thermostats, activity bracelets or smart lamps. The objective is usually contacts, images, messages or videos, sometimes for use as an extortion or doxing system, that is, the publication of data without permission, according to Caixabank on its blog.

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The banking entity warns that cybercriminals who resort to this technique must be close to the device, which must also have Bluetooth turned on. Once in this scenario, the criminals use some potential vulnerability of the Bluetooth system of the victim’s device and through it they try to establish a connection with the phone.

Once a connection is established, cybercriminals can take control of the terminal, either to send information to it or to extract it. It is even possible to hack the device so that it becomes a remote zombie from which to attack other devices or commit similar crimes.

Many current phones are relatively protected against bluesnarfing because they will usually ask you if you want to establish a Bluetooth connection with another device, and you can cancel the process if you want.

other attacks

In addition to bluesnarfing, there are other types of attacks via Bluetooth. According to ‘RedesZone’, one of the most common types of attacks is Bluejacking. It consists of receiving files that we do not want and involuntarily. Another type of attack is known as Bluebugging. In this case, they take advantage of vulnerabilities, using flaws in this protocol to execute commands on the device. In this way, the attacker would have a free hand to install all kinds of malicious applications and even be able to steal our data.

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