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New scandal in British royalty. Mexican Hanna Jaff says she received death threats from her ex, Henry Ropez-Curzon

New racism scandal in British royalty. Mexican Hanna Jaff received death threats from her ex-husband, Henry Ropez-Curzon.

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The monarchy of England apparently he is opening the doors to a new racism scandal within British royalty. It could be indirectly peppered by a new scandal: the businesswoman, socialite and mexicana Hanna Jaff has recently separated from her husband Henry Roper-Curzon, cousin of the princesses Beatriz and Eugenia. He is the eighteenth Baron of Teynham, after just over a year of marriage and several sources have assured media such as Who magazine that she was a victim of domestic violence, discrimination, and even death threats due to her Mexican roots during the time that their union lasted.

Hanna Jaff, who was born in San Diego (California), but has spent much of her life between the United States and Mexico and nationalized in the latter, she became part of the British aristocracy after her civil wedding on February 17, 2020, since Henry Roper-Curzon is second cousin of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of England Through his paternal family: his father, David John Henry, is the cousin of Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II’s two granddaughters. Apparently, Henry hit Hanna posing as a terrible domestic violence and also strong discrimination and even threatened her because she was Mexican.

The testimonies now circulating state that Hanna Jaff, who participated years ago in a Netflix reality show entitled ‘Made In Mexico’, would have received racist treatment by British royalty, to the point that he recently decided to put land in between and return to Mexico. Curiously, her still husband, Henry Roper-Curzon and she had the opportunity to spend several months in the country in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic and Hanna herself told Class magazine earlier this year that she was very excited that Henry had been able to get to know her culture better. But then came the acts of violence against him and worse yet, discrimination by her own husband.

Although she never became part of the hard core of british royalty, the rumors about the reasons that would have precipitated the end of their marriage come at a very delicate moment in which the entire institution is being subjected to intense scrutiny due to the testimony of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, for having also suffered a case of racism by the British royal family.

According to Prince Harry’s wife confessed to Oprah Winfrey, before the birth of their firstborn Archie they had to endure very unfortunate comments about the possible skin color of the little boy due to the African-American ancestry of the former actress and her husband did not hesitate to confirm that clear cases of racism continued in many royal circles.

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