Tuesday, May 24

New strain of coronavirus | “If the virus continues to circulate freely, the risk that it will adapt better” increases: interview with Tulio Oliveira, the Brazilian who discovered a new mutation

  • Luis Barrucho
  • BBC News Brazil in London


Oliveira works at the Krisp laboratory in South Africa.

“If we let the virus continue to circulate freely, we give it many possibilities to better adapt to transmission in humans,” says Tulio de Oliveira, the Brazilian behind the discovery of a new “more transmissible” mutation of the coronavirus that causes concern throughout the world. world, in an interview with BBC News Brazil.

Oliveira is director of the Krisp laboratory at the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durbán (South Africa), where he has lived since 1997.

He led the team that discovered a new variant of the coronavirus in the country and shared the data with the World Health Organization (WHO), which in turn allowed the UK to discover its own variant.

Oliveira points out that the two variants are more transmissible than the original, but, for now, they are not known to be more lethal.


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