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New variant of COVID-19 raises doubts about the “return” to normality in NYC

Already the fears aroused by Delta had ruined some post-academic “normalization” plans.

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One feels a little anxious. We have been dealing with this issue for months. It seems that we will never get out of this. “

With the above statement the retired Dominican Lucrecia Sánchez, 60 years old, A resident of Upper Manhattan, describes the feeling of many New Yorkers, faced with the threat of the new variant of Ómicron of COVID-19, whose first case has already been confirmed in the country.

“The problem is that this ‘little animal’ (virus) changes and you don’t know how it comes. Us we wanted to wait a little longer to vaccinate my grandchildren, but now we are thinking about it, “concluded the islander.

The City in the last hours tries to further promote the vaccine in all eligible groups, as the main defense shield against a new version of coronavirus, that science still analyzes “how it comes”, as the islander colloquially describes.

Once again, the recommendations for masks in closed spaces such as the Subway, buses and warehouses, as well as other businesses in the Big Apple, are redoubled. And also in outdoor places with a high density of people.

“We thought we were going to have a more normal Christmas, but I think that with this we should think better of it,” Lucrecia added.

The concern of the islander is shared in various settings of the city.

“Maybe we have to wait”

For his part, Colombian Luis Sánchez who works in an accounting office in Lower Manhattan says that previously the Delta variant prevented the normalization of operations in the company where he works for 10 years.

“We were supposedly ready to come back after ‘Labor Day’ and the corporation created rotating schedules so that we weren’t all in the office at the same time. And we are all vaccinated. We were supposed to go back in January, but perhaps with this new variant they will freeze everything again ”, shared the immigrant.

The expectation of a “return to normality” in business and executive environments that gravitate around large skyscrapers and “dull” office complexes Due to the pandemic, since the spring of 2020, it has already had its first setback with the Delta variant that is currently the cause of the infection of 98% of infected New Yorkers.

‘Partnership For New York City’ (PFNYC), an alliance that promotes the Big Apple as a global business center, concluded last summer through a business survey that the increase in cases of this variant of COVID-19, put a stop to reopening plans in the corporate sector, postponing the “comeback” in most cases to January 2022.

Now, with the new omicron, another big question arises, although the New York City Department of Health (DOHMH) has not yet confirmed any case of infection with this mutation of the virus that apparently originated in southern Africa.

“I think we have had enough time to realize that vaccines do work. Now that the holidays are coming I think it is an obligation to do so. This is not the first variant. And others will come in every year ”, declared the Quisqueyan nurse Rosa Barrios, 40 years old.

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