Monday, April 15

New version of Omniverse models buildings, factories, cities and even the entire world

NVIDIA NVIDIA® OVX™, a computing system designed to power digital twins at scale, has just been unveiled at GTC.

NVIDIA OVX is designed to run complex digital twin simulations that will run within NVIDIA Omniverse™, a physically accurate real-time world simulation platform and 3D design collaboration.

The OVX system combines GPU-accelerated computing, graphics, and AI with high-speed storage access, low-latency networking, and precision timing to deliver the performance needed to create digital twins with real-world precision. . OVX will be used to simulate complex digital twins to model entire buildings, factories, cities, and even the world.

“Bob Pette, Vice President of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA, says, “Physically accurate digital twins are the future of how we design and build. “Digital twins will change the way all industries and companies plan. The OVX systems portfolio will be able to power true, real-time, always-synchronized, industrial-scale digital twins across all industries.”

OVX will enable designers, engineers and planners to build physically accurate digital twins of buildings or create massive simulated true-to-life environments with precise temporal synchronization between the physical and virtual worlds. Companies can evaluate and test complex systems and processes with multiple autonomous systems interacting in the same space-time to optimize, expand or create more efficient factories and warehouses or train autonomous robots and vehicles before deploying them in the physical world.

develop digital twins

As part of the “Digitale Schiene Deutschland” (Digital Railways for Germany) industry initiative, DB Netze is building a digital twin of Germany’s national rail network in Omniverse to train automatic train operation systems and enable enhanced predictive analytics. AI for unforeseen situations in railway operations.

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“Using a photorealistic digital twin to train and test AI trains will help us develop more accurate perception systems to optimally detect and react to incidents. In our current project, NVIDIA OVX will provide the scale, performance, and compute power we need to generate data for intensive machine learning development and run these highly complex simulations and scenarios,” said Annika Hundertmark, Head of Rail Digitization at DB Netze.

Computer System Specifications

The OVX server consists of eight NVIDIA A40 GPUs, three NVIDIA ConnectX® -6 Dx 200Gbps NICs, 1TB of system memory, and 16TB of NVMe storage. The OVX compute system can scale from a single pod of eight OVX servers to an OVX SuperPOD consisting of 32 connected OVX servers with the NVIDIA Spectrum-3 switching fabric or multiple OVX SuperPODs to accelerate massive digital twin simulations.


OVX solutions are NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, tested and validated to provide the performance, manageability, security, and scalability you need. NVIDIA and OEM system builders will jointly provide comprehensive enterprise-grade support for NVIDIA OVX solutions and Omniverse software. NVIDIA OVX will be available later this year through Inspur, lenovo and supermicro.

Illustration: Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, during his opening speech today

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