Sunday, October 17

New videos of the Capitol uprising show assault on police

(CNN)– Newly released recordings from January 6 show a supporter of former President Donald Trump taunting, harassing and punching police officers outside the United States Capitol, marking the latest release of a close-up video of rioters who have been accused of assaulting police.In the new video, Scott Fairlamb, a New Jersey gym owner, leans into the face of a police officer, following him and taunting him with insults. At one point, Fairlamb yells, “You have no idea what you’re doing.” He then pushes and punches a policeman.

Fairlamb was one of the first agitators inside the Senate building, according to court records, and is charged with 12 criminal charges, including assault on the police and carrying a dangerous weapon on Capitol Hill.

Prosecutors had sent Fairlamb’s video directly to a federal judge reviewing his case months ago, and CNN and 16 other media outlets requested its release.

In all, the Justice Department released four clips used in the Fairlamb case on Friday: footage from a police body camera, a video taken by someone in the crowd and subsequently posted on YouTube, and two short clips that Fairlamb uploaded to. Facebook and Instagram while on the Capitol grounds on January 6.

Prosecutors say passerby video shows Fairlamb, in a camouflage jacket, shoving a police officer, who then falls backward on a group of rioters. When the agent regains his balance and begins to walk away, Fairlamb punches him in the face that hits his helmet.

Heartbreaking new images of the Capitol attack 0:42

The police body camera footage shows snippets of the same incident, from the perspective of one of the Washington cops, who was behind the officer Fairlamb was taunting.

In a Facebook video that the Justice Department also posted, Fairlamb yells, “What do the patriots do? We disarm them and then we stormed the f *** ing Capitol. Fuck them. He also carries a baton or baton in his hands inside the Capitol.

They publish a video of a 23-year-old in assault on the Capitol 1:54

The video played a central role in how Washington DC District Court Judge Royce Lamberth determined that Fairlamb could remain dangerous.

“If any crime establishes danger to the community and disregard for the rule of law, assaulting a police officer dressed in riot gear does,” Lamberth wrote in April, deciding to keep Fairlamb in jail pending trial. . The judge had reviewed the videos in private, after prosecutors emailed them to his office.

Fairlamb had a history of assault charges and had hit people in the face before, as allegedly happened with the police officer.

“The defendant’s record of hitting people in the face suggests that he may do it again,” Lamberth previously wrote.

More than a dozen media outlets, led by CNN, have spent months seeking access to videos used in court against those accused of the Capitol riots. Much of the recordings from police body cameras and surveillance tapes now used in court have yet to be seen publicly. The Justice Department has not released many of the tapes, and court proceedings have practically unfolded during the pandemic. The media has had a hard time watching even these clips.

Thursday, the Justice Department released the recordings used in the case against Thomas Webster, a former Marine and retired cop with the New York Police Department.

Prosecutors say the 56-second tape shows Webster, dressed in a red coat amid a large crowd of pro-Trump rioters, yelling insults at cops, threateningly brandishing a flagpole and eventually pouncing on officers. , who engaged in hand-to-hand combat with him and other members of the mob. One of the officers eventually removes the flagpole, but Webster knocks the policeman to the ground.

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