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New videos show coordinated attack on Capitol

(CNN) — New police radio dispatches and security footage from the January 6 riot at the US Capitol paint an even clearer picture of how the insurgents at times showed little fear of police when they launched a large coordinated attack.

CNN reviewed more than 800 videos and audio files, including radio dispatches and security footage, that House impeachment prosecutors obtained and presented as evidence for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

The House prosecution team obtained surveillance videos from Capitol Police and radio broadcasts from the Washington Metropolitan Police for the trial, according to a source familiar with the discussions, which were incorporated into the trial evidence. The House impeachment prosecutors, limited in the time they could present their case, used specific moments to present their arguments during the trial, showing horrific violence against the police and the attackers’ movements, which almost reached the legislators. and Vice President Mike Pence.

Additional images not used during the trial and reviewed by CNN offer an even greater perspective and reveal both the ferocity of the agitators and the restraint of the agents on the scene.

The role of paramilitaries in the insurrection to the Capitol 2:26

The radio broadcasts the anguish of the officers as the rioters broke through the barriers and, finally, the police lines. When the rioters began to outmaneuver the officers, creating an untenable situation, the radio waves were filled with desperate screams and requests for support.

You’re going to have to send more help here. We don’t have enough people to hold the line, ”said one agent.

“Fire extinguishers are being thrown at us from above … on the upper level of the inauguration platform,” shouts an agent in another clip.

In a dispatch shown at the trial, an agent exclaims that the agitators had broken the scaffold. “They are behind our lines!” He said.

The response, which was not heard at trial, is a quiet recommendation that officers should retreat and shelter inside if necessary.

“If they get behind you, you won’t have enough resources,” they told the agent.

At times, the videos show that the agitators had little fear of the police. Some 140 officers were injured in the deadly riot on January 6, in which a police officer was killed.

These are the new and shocking videos of the attack on the Capitol 5:24

Footage from a security camera near the House of Representatives hall shows rioters calling for reinforcements to come to the corner. Another video shows more than 150 agitators charging into a breached access in just a minute and a half. In another surveillance tape, nine men in tactical gear move as a unit inside the Capitol, around the same time the FBI says members of the right-wing group “Oath Keepers,” one of several groups that federal authorities have implicated. since the riots, they made their way inside.

In one clip, agitators make obscene gestures at officers and taunt them, refusing to back down or calm down. There are other videos that capture the agitators as they grab the officers, beat them and push them aside.

Body camera footage reproduced during the trial shows officers yelling “Hold the line!” as they fight the surrounding rioters and push the agents. Another video shows agents huddled at a Capitol door beating insurgents with truncheons, while on the other side, insurgents counterattack with shields.

Another body camera video documents how quickly the officers also became victims. In a clip shown during the trial, an agent is fighting with an agitator who had seized the agent’s baton. The video appears to show a slip of the agent – the camera is pointed up as if the agent is lying on his back. An agitator continued to beat the officer while other policemen pulled him out.

This is how Mitt Romney fled from the mob on Capitol Hill 0:56

One of the most horrifying scenes shows an agitator standing in front of an agent, clutching his gas mask and shaking the agent’s head. The agent is simultaneously pressed against a door from behind by a crowd of police officers trying to defend the building.

Other stills captured bloody shoe prints in the concrete outside the Capitol.

The multiple angles of the security footage and body cameras also highlight the astonishing restraint of the police officers and suggest that the riot could have been more deadly if the officers had acted more aggressively. An agitator, Ashli ​​Babbitt, was shot and killed while trying to enter the Speaker of the House’s Lobby through a window, the hallway just behind the House hall. His death is the only known example of the use of deadly force to try to stop the insurgents.

Prosecutors have charged more than 200 people with federal crimes in connection with the riots.

They show video of Pence and his family escaping from attack on Capitol 0:43

The videos and audios used during the impeachment trial were intended to force senators to confront the violence that had occurred on January 6, which prosecutors argued that Trump was responsible for inciting. The House prosecutors’ presentation showed senators how close the riots had come to catching up with them when they fled on January 6.

Trump was acquitted on Saturday, although seven Republicans joined 50 Democrats in voting to convict Trump, with a vote of 57 to 43, less than the required two-thirds majority.

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