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New Volkswagen Polo, aesthetic changes and technological leap

New Volkswagen Polo, aesthetic changes and technological leap

New Volkswagen Polo, aesthetic changes and technological leap

First it was Seat with the Ibiza and now Volkswagen with the Polo. The German firm has presented the evolution of the present generation of its small compact, which, like the Spanish, changes little aesthetically, although it does so more than the one manufactured in Martorell, but it goes up several notches in terms of technological equipment. The German company launches the new Polo by rearranging its finishes, guaranteeing a version GTI and discarding, for the moment, the electrification.

Made in Navarra, the Volkswagen Polo It is one of the most successful cars in the segment B, in which it competes with the Car of the Year 2021, el Toyota YarisCar of the Year 2021, el Toyota Yaris, the same Ibiza or cars like him Renault Clio or the Peugeot 208. The new Polo is an evolution of the sixth generation of the vehicle, not a new generation, with which the aesthetic changes are rather subtle, although well recognizable. The front and rear light groups are new, the latter more similar to those of the Golf and with LED technology as standard in both cases or IQ. Matrix LED optional on top finishes. The bumpers are renewed and new tires arrive. Its dimensions do not vary, although its roof is just three millimeters lower and the accessibility of the trunk improves.

More changes present in the interior, although the jump is not as pronounced as in the Ibiza, redesigning itself to make an important technological leap that will affect both connectivity and security. In this sense, it incorporates a new capacitive and multifunction steering wheel from the first finish and in the higher finishes a new eight-inch screen for the infotainment system Redy2Discover and a dashboard Digital Cockpit Pro 10.25 inches. In the most basic finishes, the center screen will be 6.5 inches for the radio and an eight-inch digital instrument panel. Aesthetically, it maintains the design of its predecessor, adapting only to the new screen sizes and the new steering wheel.

New finishes and equipment

Under the new finish structure a new finish is added Polo, which will be the most basic, followed by Life. The top of the range will be the Style, with an elegant vocation, and the R-Line, the already known sportier finish. The first will already offer systems such as lane departure warning or the central airbag, as well as the smaller digital instrument panel, electric exterior mirrors and wheels. 14 inch. The Life finish, on the provisions, will add a leather steering wheel, the same material that the gearshift lever will adopt, wheels of 15 inch, a central armrest and APP Connect to connect the mobile to the infotainment system.

The finish Style will be the first to add new elements such as lights Matrix LED or the aforementioned instrument panel 10.25 inch. Your wheels will be made of alloy 15 inch. The R-Line will adopt the same systems, but will include more aggressive aesthetic details to show its sportier spirit and wheels of 16 inch. It should be noted that the browser will be available optionally in all cases under subscription or purchase. As extras, the buyer can opt for the infotainment system Discover Media or by the Discover Media Pro, whose screen will grow until 9.2 inch; for larger tires, up to 17 inch, keyless opening and starting system, tinted windows or, in the upper finishes, a sports package that improves its dynamism by lowering its height, with a firmer suspension and a more aggressive configuration of the ESP.

Engines and safety

Under the hood, the new Volkswagen Polo It will be able to equip gasoline or compressed natural gas hybrid engines, a common solution in the Volkswagen Group. The combustion versions will go through an atmospheric engine 1.0 liter MPI and three cylinders with 80 hp, which will always be associated with a five-speed manual transmission, and an engine TSI 1.0 liter and also three cylinders available with 95 O 110 CV power. The less powerful will be mounted next to the manual gearbox, with an option to the well-known automatic transmission DSG of seven relations, while the most powerful will always be automatic. The natural gas version, TGI, it will mount the same TSI 1.0 adapted to be able to operate with compressed natural gas, in which case the power will be 90 CV and it may be manual or automatic. The Volkswagen Polo GTI, which will be more powerful and more radical in its design, will be presented next summer.

Finally, in terms of security technology, the step forward is also important. The new Polo optionally has a level 2 autonomous driving system, the IQ Travel Assist, which combines adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist, the lane keeping control, in addition to the automatic change, to keep the car centered in the lane, adapting to the traffic and the road situation. This is the most remarkable novelty of a vehicle that, in addition, includes more well-known functions such as emergency braking, the fatigue detector or the tire monitoring system, among others.

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