Friday, June 9

New York asks to wear a mask in public again due to a rebound in covid cases

Local authorities have recommended the use of masks indoors, in all public places and, in general, any other place where space is shared with strangers.

New York authorities have asked this Monday to the population to wear a mask again in all closed public places and have announced that they will distribute millions of home tests to try to contain the rebound in covid-19 cases that is being registered in the city.

The recent rise in infections has put the city on the verge of entering high alert levelwhich is declared when certain levels of hospitalization are exceeded and certain proportion of beds occupied by patients with covid.

Worrying uptick in cases

This month, cases in the city have risen sharply again, up to just over 300 per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, according to the latest official data, which also shows a clear increase in hospital admissions, a situation that is even worse in other areas of New York State.

In response, local authorities have recommended the use of masks indoorsEverywhere publicwhich includes shops, offices, building entrances, elevators and, in general, any other place where space is shared with strangers.

The metro and the rest of the public transport system New Yorker, meanwhile, continue to require all passengers to wear a mask. In addition, the New York City Councilannounced that it will distribute another 16.5 million tests homemade and a million quality masks.

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“Home tests and masks offer New Yorkers reliable and convenient ways to protect themselves and others and allow them to enjoy our city,” New York Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement.

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New York was at the beginning of the pandemic one of the world epicenters of covid, the city already accumulates more than 40,000 deaths from the diseaseaccording to official data.

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