Monday, October 25

New York Employees Vote To Authorize Strike Amid Tensions With Condé Nast | The New Yorker

New Yorker staff have overwhelmingly voted in favor authorize a strikeAfter years of what they say has been an unsuccessful negotiation with the magazine’s publisher, the media empire Condé Nast.

Members of the New Yorker union were joined by the Ars Technica union and the Pitchfork union, which are also owned by Condé Nast, in a vote that saw writers and other workers leave work.

In all three unions, 98% of members voted to authorize a strike, the New Yorker union said. The unions have not set a date for any strike action, but they intend to propel Condé Nast, which also publishes GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue, into action.

“We are not on strike, yet,” the New Yorker union said. On twitter.

“We hope that the management will meet us at the table and negotiate in good faith. Otherwise, our members are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a fair contract. “

The unions said they are in their third year of negotiations with Condé Nast. The New Yorker union added: “If and when our bargaining committees require it, we will walk away from work to demand the contracts we deserve.”

“Condé Nast has long benefited from the exploitation of its workers, but that exploitation ends now,” the New York union said in its statement.

“We demand a fair and equitable wage, including minimum wages that are in line with industry standards, a human minimum wage for current and future positions, and regular annual increases that keep up with the rising cost of living.”

Unions held a rally with members of the NewsGuild of New York outside the One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan on Saturday in an attempt to draw attention to the strike authorization. The Guardian US is also a member from the New York NewsGuild.

The New Yorker union said Condé Nast “has not bargained in good faith” during the bargaining process and that it “delayed and undermined the bargaining process by refusing to respond to proposals and requests for information for months (or at all)” .

In a statement provided to the press, Condé Nast said it had “reached an agreement” with the New Yorker, Pitchfork and Ars Technica unions on some issues, including just cause, additional paid time off and training.

“On salaries and the economy, the management has proposed to give raises to everyone in these bargaining units; increase minimum wages for entry-level employees by nearly 20%; and provide guaranteed annual raises for all members, among other enhancements, ”said Condé Nast.

“All of this has been achieved in just two rounds of negotiation, as we received the economic proposals from the unions for the first time at the end of last year. We hope that this process will take place at the negotiating table. “

The New York union disagreed.

“In some cases, management’s proposals would further worsen the terms and conditions of our employment; currently, they are proposing annual wage increases so small that wages would not even keep up with the rate of inflation, “the union said.

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