Saturday, May 21

New York family entertainment centers and amusement parks reopened

The battle against the coronavirus is far from over, but with the vaccine as the main weapon to defeat the pandemic, the authorities already see a more promising future and continue to announce plans to return to normal. This is what Governor Andrew Cuomo did this Wednesday when reporting on the upcoming reopening of family entertainment centers, amusement parks and the csummer shelters in New York.

The state agent specified that as of March 26, family entertainment centers will be able to open indoors to the 25% capacity, and on April 9, the outdoor amusement parks 33% capacity.

In New York, we base our decisions on science and the data and we adjust as the virus adjusts, “Governor Cuomo said, adding that with continued declines in infection and hospitalization rates,” we have been able to take steps to begin our post-COVID recovery and we are excited to to be now in a place where we can recover our recreational industries with implemented security protocols ”.

All facilities that will open must submit reopening plans with health protocols to the Local Health Department, and the use of masks will continue to be required, necessary social distancing for clients and staff and the temperature check for all customers before entering.

In turn, the authorities gave Green light so that day and night summer camps can start planning their reopening now, taking into account a guide for these activities that will be issued by the State Department of Health in the coming weeks

“As we have said time and again, our success will be dictated by our actions and as we stand together and continue to carry this momentum forward in a positive direction, we will see more and more sectors of our economy reopen,” emphasized the Governor.

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In addition to cover your face, social distancing and mandatory temperature checks, all indoor family and entertainment centers and outdoor amusement parks, should follow the following guidelines:

  • Collect information from each attendee for possible contact and trace work, if necessary.
  • High-touch areas, attractions, and rides should be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day.
  • Attractions should close if they cannot guarantee distancing and be cleaned / disinfected frequently.
  • Sufficient personnel must be deployed to enforce the rules, including capacity, distancing, and facial coverage.
  • Tickets must be sold in advance and entry / exit and wait times must be staggered to avoid congestion.
  • Indoor areas must meet improved standards for air filtration, ventilation and purification.
  • Retail, food service, and recreational activities must meet all state-issued guidelines.

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