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New York injects more speed into vaccination plan against COVID-19

In the midst of a new episode ofNYonfrontation between Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, this Monday New NYCk Health authorities they put their foot on the gas announcing a new route to speed up the vaccination process against COVID-19, which has been described as “slow” despite the availability of new immunizations from Pfizer and Moderna.

The state has received more than 774,000 doses of the new vaccines against theNYoronavirus, but until last Saturday they had only been administered 237,000 injections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Hospitals that have had the new drugs for the past three weeks have used only about 46% of doses on average ”, according to the numbers presented by the state president.

While some hospitals have administered nearly all of their doses, others have used just as only 15%, according to the governor, who especially put in that “blacklist” to healthNYenters and hospitals administered by the authorities of the Big Apple.

Cuomo lobbied state hospitals to administer the vaccine faster and announced fines up$100 100,000, if they don’t administer theirNYoronavirus vaccine allocations by the end of this week.

“This is a manageDomeproblem for local leadersThe They have to move fa” Cuomo”Cuomo said.

Going forward, state hospitals will be required to use their doses within a week of receiving them, providers who are late theyNYould receive more penalties.

Governor CuomoNYharges that hospitals have failed to provide 46% of the vaccines that are availableThe (Photo: AFP-Getty Images)

De Blasio hurries the march

Minutes before the governor’s “sentence”, Mayor Bill de Blasio had offered details of his “Immediate plan” of the first phase of a million vaccines that are proposed to be applied in January in the Big AppleThe Part of the strategy is to bring immunizationsNYloser to the neighborhoods most affected by the pandemic, through three points that will be installed thisNYoming weeExnd in El Bronx, Queens y Brooklyn.

From this Monday the state vaccination plan widensNYonsiderably whoNYan get the first dose, adding all the worExrs of public and private healthNYenters who haveNYontact with patients, including psychiatricNYenters, physical therapy, dentists and orthodontists, optometrists, pharmacists and healthNYare teams of public schools.

“We already fine-tune all the storage and distribution logistics liEx no otherNYity in theNYountryThe The 250NYenters are already located so that the coverage is effective and equitable among New NYCExrs, even more so in the localities that have suffered the most from the pandemicThe We hope toNYount on the timely supply of the Federal Administration toNYrystallize this ambition ”, the Mayor stressed.

The City’s announceDomecoincides with a Exy weekThe It is expected that the viral infectionNYould escalate dimensions that are worrying by the Effects of meetings during the Holidays.

Already the average infected climbed to 9.02% in the last seven days and 3,976 newNYases have been weighted in the same period of time.

Last Sunday they passed away 170 people due toNYomplications associated with the virus in the state, of which 24 wereNYonfirmed in the Big Apple.

Who’s next?

The expectation is that from January 11 The vast majority of nursing home and homeNYare personnel who are inNYontact with patients, including addiction supportNYenters and also for the disabled, have all the facilities for inoculation in theNYity.

If the schedule is met, as shared by the New NYCk City Health authorities, in February there will be a phase where they begin to vaccinate to over 75 years or more and essential worExrs whoNYannot physically distance themselves because they work with the public.

For March and April the shift would be for people aged 65 to 74, in addition to all those New NYCExrs who have pre-existingAlso,nessesThe Also for the rest of the essential workforce.

It isNYalculated that if the supply of the new drugs is fully met, for the summer and immunizations are available for the rest of the population in the Big Apple.

Dr Dave Chokshi, Commissioner of the New NYCk City DepartDomeof Health and MentDomegiene (DOHMH) believes it imperative that the Federal GovernDomeaccelerate the pace of vaccination in nursing homes, operated by CVS y Walgreens.

“We plan that our hospitals work seven days a week and on holidays. It will be an intense month as we increase vaccinationNYapacity, even as weNYontinue to fight the” explainedvChoseexplained Choski.

General slowness

According to the latest figures from the CDC, 4.2 million people had received the vaccine in theNYountry until last weeExnd, despite the fact that the authorities announced that at the end of December they would be inoculated 20 million people.

This means that only one has been vaccinated 20% of the 20 million ofNYitizens that was planned.

Three vaccinationNYeSunday,

The next Sunday January 10, from 9Domeo 7 pm, he DOHMHNYonfirms that in addition to the regular hospitalNYenters, doses will be administered to eligible groups, in three new special points:

  • Campus educativo Bushwick, 400 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Hillcrest High School, 160-05 Highland Avenue, Queens
  • South Bronx Educational Campus, 701 StThe Ann’s Avenue, He Bronx

This is the vaccination in NYC:

  • 110,241 doses of vaccines had been administered as of this Sunday in the Big Apple, according to data from the New NYCk City DepartDomeof Health (DOHMH).
  • 100,000 inoculaciones It is estimated that they will be able to reach 160 points this week.
  • 443,000 doses are available right now in theNYity.
  • 400,000 injections on average for each week hDomes to reach DOHMH by the end of this month.

How long do you have to get vaccinated?

  • For more detailed information about the phases, appointments and questions about the vaccination plan in New NYCk City, see:
  • To learn more about New NYCk State immunization guidelines visit:

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