Thursday, December 9

New York politician arrested for posing as FBI and DEA agent and buying guns

Part of the fake credentials seized.

Photo: Rockland County DA / Courtesy

Brian Downey, Republican Vice Mayor of Airmont in Rockland County (NY), he was arrested on state and federal charges after he was found with a cache of unregistered firearms and false FBI and DEA credentials, prosecutors said.

Downey, 47, was arrested at his home Thursday for purchasing a rifle suppression device online. The agents of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) they had tipped off prosecutors of the delivery of the illegal device, Rockland District Attorney Tom Walsh said.

If convicted of a felony, he would be forced to leave office. “Today’s arrest of a person who was entrusted by the public to serve their community it’s a sad day for our county, ”Walsh said in a statement. “I promised during my campaign that if elected, I would be a district attorney who would act without fear or favoritism. Today’s arrest is another example of my commitment to the citizens of Rockland County. “

During the search of Downey’s home, investigators found more than a dozen firearms mounted on a wall, including an illegally modified short-barreled rifle and a sawed-off shotgun, the criminal complaint shows.

Downey acknowledged that he was not authorized to possess the weapons controlled, but claimed that he felt he was allowed to tamper with the rifle because “he was a law enforcement officer,” shows the complaint, cited by New York Post.

Investigators then found a safe that Downey said he couldn’t access, prompting a federal agent to force it open. Inside there was More than 10 fake federal credentials with the name and photo of the deputy mayor, including from the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), among other agencies, along with certain documents, such as your passport and New York state driver’s license.

Downey, a deputy construction inspector in Ramapo and part-time judicial officer, was first elected as Airmont’s trustee in 2019, he recalled. Journal News.

Neither Mayor Nathan Bubel nor Downey have commented on his arrest, he said. The New York Times. He was released on bail after a federal judge set it at $ 250,000.

The investigation into Downey is ongoing. “I will echo my statements Thursday about this unfortunate incident,” added prosecutor Walsh. “Anyone who takes an oath to serve the public and their community entrusts the service to their constituents must have irreproachable integrity.”

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