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New York Sets New Record for Daily COVID-19 Cases

In less than a week the virus has increased 154% in New York State.

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New York had its day with the most COVID-19 infections in 24 hours on Thursday, reaching 21,027 new cases, according to data published this Friday.

The exponential increase of the pandemic virus in the state has been reflected in an increase of 154% in less than a week, in addition to exceeding the maximum figure that had been on January 14 of this year, when 19,942 infections were reached, as reported CNN.

“We must not take lightly the winter increase we are facing, and we must continue to encourage everyone we know to get vaccinated, get the booster shot, and wear a maskGovernor Kathy Hochul stated Thursday in a press release.

However, hospitalizations caused by the COVID-19 virus remain low compared to January 14. This Friday, the state reported 3,839 hospitalizations, while for that day 8,088 were registered, according to official data.

Meanwhile, in mid-April 2020, hospitalizations in New York for COVID-19 reached almost 19,000, reported CNN.

This new record of infections in the state comes amid the increase in cases derived from the Omicron variant and the increase in the rate of positivity in PCR tests in New York during the last four days and the confirmation that the cases have tripled the last month.

On Thursday, Dr. Jay Varma, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chief health advisor, said from his Twitter account such a high rate of positive cases has never been seen in New York before, and argued that this increase indicates that Ómicron evades immunity like none of the previous variants, he pointed out NBC New York..

Now, the city’s moving average of daily cases is up 57% from the moving averages of the past four weeks, and COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen nearly 31%. So far Delta is the variant that would be driving the number of more serious cases.

Meanwhile, the director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, declared that it is too early to assume that the Omicron variant is milder than the previous ones, noting that the country will have many more cases of the new strain.

It is clear that Ómicron is an extremely contagious variant, doubling every two to four days.Collins warned CNN.

He added that people can limit the consequences that the variant could have with the anticovid vaccine, but especially with the booster.

The CDC reported last week that it examined 43 cases, which were mostly from people with mild symptoms and the majority were vaccinated. About a third of the tested group received the booster vaccine.

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