Wednesday, September 22

‘New Zealand’ imposed its law and won the Auckland World Series

Auckland (New Zealand)



The ‘Te Rehutai’ (Sea Breeze) of Emirates Team New Zealand, under the command of Peter Burling, has been proclaimed winner of the 2020 World Series in Auckland (New Zealand) by beating the Italian ‘Luna Rossa’ in the last race of the day by 16 seconds ahead in an epic finale.

The New Zealand team had a great day, beating the American Magic’s ‘Patriot’ by 1’16 “in their first round of the day to round off with the final victory against the Italian squad under the command of Australian James Spithill and Italian Francesco de Angelis .

It has been a difficult day in the race courses since the low intensity of the wind, which started at 9-13 knots (16 to 24 km / h) to fall to 6-7 knots (10-12 km / h) in the last heat already caused problems with the hundreds of spectator boats that follow the evolutions of the AC75 in the water.

A change of route proposed by the director of the regatta Ian Murray shortly before the start of the day, left the spectator boats in the middle of the race field and the security teams had to go out to clear the situation and the first race of the day He was already an hour late in departure.

The problems of the British INEOS Team have continued today and they have not been able to finish their two rounds against ‘Luna Rossa’ and ‘American Magic’ and everything remained to be decided between the other three contenders.

In their first meeting of the day, Team New Zealand were seeking revenge for their Thursday loss to the American Magic. The Americans, with New Zealander Dean Barker as their skipper, advanced at the start and had a 12-second lead on the first mark, but Burling cut it to just 3 at the end of the second leg.

Everything was decided when the ‘Patriot’ made a serious mistake in the third stage and this put the New Zealanders ahead in 54 seconds and the excellent maneuverability of ‘Te Rehutai’ did not forgive to prevail in the next three stages winning by a final margin 1 minute and 19 seconds.

The final round was going to be decisive if the New Zealanders won the World Series and if ‘Luna Rossa’ did, there would be a triple tie in the table.

The ‘Luna Rossa’, in a great departure from its skipper, the Australian James Spithill, took the ‘Te Rehutai’ aside and the Italians were more than 200 meters ahead and 32 seconds ahead at the end of the first stage. In addition, an error by Team New Zealand left him ‘nailed’ in the passage through the next buoy and the Italian margin of advantage was extended to 800 meters.

Shortly after, the ‘Luna Rossa’ was also ‘nailed’ and everything was pending that who was going to lift the ‘flight’ first. The ‘Te Rehutai did it first, doubling her speed over the’ Luna Rossa ‘, 24 to 12 knots respectively. The route had been shortened and the Italians kept the pressure on the ‘kiwis’.

The end was impressive, with minimal differences but Team New Zealans did not lose their advantage and prevailed by 16 seconds.

“We were quite nervous when the wind dropped to 6 knots (10 km / h) and we couldn’t use the foils,” said Team New Zealand flight controller Blair Tuke, “but it was a day of racing. epic”, it is finished.

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