Sunday, February 25

News coverage of Disney Co. is biased against Florida Gov. DeSantis

Iconic Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pictured during Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary celebration in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The company running the world famous park has drawn fire from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for opposing what has become known as

Disney vs. DeSantis coverage biased

Your front page story ‘Disney vs DeSantis’ is biased and unprofessional. The special arrangements made for Disney were a good program that has been beneficial to all parties. Normally, such incentives are offered to companies for defined periods to help defray the costs of development. It is not in Florida’s best interests that the special arrangements remain in place forever.

Disney’s Board of Directors role is to manage company policy in the best interest of shareholders and customers. It is a business for profit not a political action entity. Unfortunately, Disney has entered into a fringe woke policy that has pitted itself against state law, many customers and shareholders. Clearly a no-win situation.

The Post story line is written as a conflict between Disney and DeSantis and not the complete review of all independent districts created before 1968. A professional newspaper would approach every story objectively with all sides equally reported. 

Charles Lyday, Boca Raton

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