Sunday, January 29

NFL DFS Week 18: Perfect Guide to the Million Dollar Lineup

Living in the world of the everyday game for any sport requires a lot of work with little reward for the casual gamer, unless the stars align on a magical day. Most everyday homeowners need to decide whether they want to be a grinder or a swing-for-the-fences player. One path keeps you alive for more days of action with the idea of ​​slowly building your bankroll. The other has a feeling of giving as he offers a pot of gold at the end of a distant rainbow.

Ever since the daily sites started offering the million dollar jackpot, I’ve been trying to find my get out of jail card. The goal is to put the main soccer team at a disadvantage on Sunday and invest in the best possible mix of core players. If my key players are successful, I will be on the hunt with many teams. Every football season, I hope to be in the mix in four to five weeks.

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