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NFL Pick ’em Pool Picks Week 3: Expert Advice on Favorites, Surprises to Consider in Trust Groups, Office Groups

Last week was another tough one for some in the NFL pick ’em groups, as various teams seemingly went to great lengths to lose games. Whether you bet big on an underdog who couldn’t pull off surprise or watched a favorite lose a winnable game, it’s time to dust yourself off and prepare for your NFL Week 3 picks. Fortunately, the experts at TeamRankings are here to help you with tips and strategy tips.

In this post, we highlight five picks from Week 3 that can give you a head start on your pick contests or trust groups. By finding picks that are being underrated by the public, you can employ a value-driven strategy that can generate weekly earnings that make the difference between winning and losing at the end of the season.

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NFL Week 3 Pick ’em Pool Picks – Tips, Strategy

How We Identify Week 3 NFL Value Picks

This post was written Tuesday, but if the picks’ odds of winning and popularity numbers hold up, the teams below provide compelling risk versus reward strategies to differentiate their Week 3 picks from their group opponents.

Just keep in mind that we are not necessarily saying what you should do. everybody of these selections. In particular, some pesky picks can be unnecessarily risky for your group, even if they’re technically underrated. If you want our game-by-game selection recommendations for everyone your specific pools, use our Football Pick ’em Picks Product.)

Note: Odds of Win data and Estimated Popularity of the selections below may change between post time and start time. If you want the latest numbers, our product it is updated several times a day.

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Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks

Point difference: +2.0

Popularity: 24%

Category: Unpopular Release

The Vikings have lost two heartbreaking games so far this season, losing an overtime game in Week 1 to Cincinnati, and then missing a potential field goal to win the game at Arizona. The crowd is giving them little chance against Seattle at home, despite this being one of the smallest spreads of Week 2.

You can differentiate your entry from everyone else’s by taking the unpopular Vikings here in a fairly even showdown. It’s a very compelling pick in weekly jackpots where you only have a small number of options to differentiate yourself, although you need to be more selective about the risks you take in jackpots throughout the season.

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Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders

Point difference: +3.5

Popularity: 7%

Category: Value bet on weekly jackpots

The recent bias seems to be driving audiences here. Miami was crushed at home by Buffalo when quarterback Tua Tagovailoa left the game early with a rib injury. Meanwhile, the Raiders have started 2-0 with narrow wins over the Ravens and Steelers.

As of Tuesday, Tagovailoa is “day to day” with the rib injury, and it is something to watch out for before making his final choice. But the popularity of the Dolphins’ picks is out of control given the relative differences between these two teams. The Raiders are coming off a game in which the Steelers drew out three of their best defensive players (after TJ Watt left with an injury in the second quarter) and Derek Carr was able to feast.

Miami is coming off a poor performance that shouldn’t reflect its overall quality this season. The Dolphins gave up just 314 yards to Buffalo in the loss, and their offense could have Tagovailoa back and WR Will Fuller V making his debut for the Dolphins.

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Again, it might be a bit risky to bring Miami in an all-season group, but the Fins present great value for risk versus reward in a weekly contest.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Point difference: -3.5

Popularity: 63%

Category: Favorite Value

Enough of the public backs Green Bay this week to make the 49ers a work of value in the favorite role. The Packers are coming off a bigger-than-expected win against Detroit in a primetime game, but their defense still has some big question marks after two weeks. They also had the benefit of a great fourth down save and a 2-0 turnover advantage.

Picking the 49ers should be a basic strategy in a variety of groups, as they give you the opportunity to pick the favorite while nearly 40 percent of a typical group goes the other way.

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Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

Point difference: -7.5

Popularity: 88%

Category: Biggest Favorite at a Reasonable Price

The Panthers are one of the big favorites this week, but the public has not caught up. Also, quarterback Tyrod Taylor (hamstring) will miss this game and rookie Davis Mills will start at quarterback.

According to our models, Carolina has the third highest chance of winning this week, but only the 10th highest pick popularity in pick ’em groups. More than 90 percent of the public is choosing eight teams, and Carolina is not one of them. As a result, you can get some differentiation in confidence groups by placing Carolina as a very high value confidence point play this week.

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Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Point difference: +4.0

Popularity: 14%

Category: Value bet on weekly jackpots

Finally, one more value bet for those who take risks. The Eagles have played solid soccer the first two games, winning big in Atlanta and playing a tight game with San Francisco.

Dallas is a crowd favorite team, and right now the crowd is raving about the Cowboys. However, our research has shown that Home advantage doesn’t seem to be of much value in NFC East rivalry games., and this place could be riskier for Dallas than many people think. However, it is the riskiest play of the five that we have listed, so keep that fact in mind.

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Good luck in your pools this week!

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