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NFL Pick ’em Pool Picks Week 7: Expert Advice on Favorites, Surprises to Consider in Trust Groups, Office Groups

With six teams on hold, this week there are fewer games than usual in the NFL’s pick ’em groups. When you combine that with several big favorites, there aren’t many viable surprises to legitimately choose from. However, the public seems to be trying to convince some that they exist, going overboard with some underdogs and ignoring a couple of other vulnerable favorites. Fortunately, the experts at TeamRankings are here to break down the data and offer strategy advice for your NFL Week 7 picks.

Picks that are being underrated by the public can generate weekly earnings that make the difference between winning and losing an NFL group all season, while smart picks can drive success in weekly groups. TeamRankings is the only site that offers personalized picks that maximize your advantage in the NFL pick pools. Take a look at TeamRankings’ Soccer Pick ’em Picks, NFL Survivors Picks, and NFL Betting Picks. For a limited time, you can also get a three-day free trial of all their premium soccer teams.

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NFL Week 7 Pick ’em Pool Picks – Tips, Strategy

How We Identify NFL Week 7 Value Picks

This article was written on Wednesday, but if the picks’ odds of winning and popularity numbers hold up, the teams below provide attractive trade-offs between risk and reward to differentiate their Week 7 picks from their opponents in the pool.

It is important to note that we are not necessarily saying that you should do everybody of these selections. In particular, some pesky picks can be unnecessarily risky for your group, even if they’re technically underrated. You should take a general level of risk with your picks that is appropriate for your group size and rules. All season pools often require more conservative selections than single week pools. If you want our game-by-game selection recommendations for everyone your specific pools, use our Football Pick ’em Picks Product.

Note: Odds of Win data and Estimated Popularity of the selections below may change between post time and start time. If you want the latest numbers, our product it is updated several times a day.

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Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans

Point difference: -5.5
Choose popularity: Sixty-five%
Category: Favorite value

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Point difference: -5.0
Choose popularity: 71%
Category: Favorite value

San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Point difference: -4.0
Choose popularity: 69%
Category: Favorite value

During the first six weeks, there were 16 teams with odds of winning between 65 and 70 percent, which is where the Chiefs, Saints and Niners are. The average pick popularity for those favorites has been 87 percent, and only one was below 75 percent in pick popularity.

It is rare to have a team in this range at such a value, much less three in the same week. So what is going on here? The conjecture is that the public is forcing an altered quota.

Week 7 features six teams on a bye and five teams favored by more than one touchdown, including three double-digit favorites. Few are getting surprises in those games so they are targeting these games for their pesky choices.

Add in the primetime factor and you end up with courage going against the crowd here. The Titans just upset the Bills on Monday Night Football; the Seahawks played better than expected against the Steelers on Sunday Night Football; and the Colts won in a blowout a week after nearly beating Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs lost in their last primetime game, and the Saints and 49ers were free last week. Out of sight, out of mind and full of courage.

TeamRankings Soccer Picks:
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Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders

Point difference: +3.0
Choose popularity: fifteen%
Category: Value Gamble in weekly contests

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns

Point difference: +2.0
Choose popularity: 25%
Category: Value Gamble in weekly contests

The Eagles and Broncos are games of value as unexpected picks in weekly contests. Each of them have a better chance of winning than underdogs facing Kansas City, New Orleans and San Francisco, which are also unpopular.

Denver faces a Cleveland team that will be without quarterback Baker Mayfield (left shoulder) and star running backs Nick Chubb (calf) and Kareem Hunt (calf). Going from those three to Case Keenum and D’Ernest Johnson and Demetric Felton is a major demotion for the Browns.

The Raiders forced the Broncos to lose four balls last week, but they have been inconsistent this year. The Eagles are a good team to run on, and that’s a weakness for the Las Vegas defense.

Pairing past favorites with these slightly annoying plays gives you a good investment in weekly contests.

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From a strategy perspective, game theory is a critical aspect of winning pick ’em groups. In short, to win a group of pick ’em, you have to score points that your opponents lose. That means you need to identify unpopular picks that are worth a calculated bet and avoid trendy picks that aren’t worth the risk. Our product does all those calculations for you, 71 percent of our subscribers report having won a prize in soccer team competitions.

If you want to learn more about the pick ’em pool soccer strategy, you can also check out our free articles on strategy to win soccer pick ’em pools.

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Good luck in your pools this week!

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