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NFL Picks, Predictions Against Spread Week 8: Steelers Bounce Off Browns; 49ers, Chiefs, Bills rebound

Week 7 was quite fruitful for our picks and predictions against the spread. Near the middle of the 2021 NFL season, there is much more evidence about which teams are reliable, which teams are not, and which teams are downright inconsistent.

Week 8 doesn’t have the same amount of massive spreads, but with games up to 15 on the list, there are a few closer games to browse. There are also some bigger matchups with a lot at stake.

With that mind, here are our best latest professional pigskin forecasts in another poll preview:

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Packers, Titans, Raiders rise; Chiefs, 49ers fall further ahead of Week 8

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NFL Picks vs. Spread for Week 8

  • Game of the Week: Packers at Cardinals (-3.5, 53 o / u)

Sunday 8:20 pm ET, Fox, NFL Network, Amazon Prime Video

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been rolling since Week 2. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals haven’t stopped their good game since Week 1. Green Bay has the only blemish on either record, but neither he nor Arizona have come close. of perfection. The Packers have more defensive problems with their cornerback limitations and passing runs. The Cardinals by now are the most complete team and have proven to have a solid home-field advantage. But given Rodgers’ history in Arizona, he’ll make sure to turn it into a game with a chance to steal it and outmaneuver Murray in the fourth quarter.

Choose: The Cardinals win 27-24 but can’t make up the difference.

  • Block of the week: Bosses (-10, 52.5 o / u) on Giants

Monday 8:15 pm ET, ESPN

There’s no way the Chiefs are going to have another lackluster and lifeless performance. This screams an improvement game at home against the Giants, who are operating like a team shell, especially on offense. The defense also has to be embarrassed about not showing up in Tennessee and will face the challenge of chasing Daniel Jones well at home with an emotional punch in primetime. Patrick Mahomes will see the offense go back to basics of running often and protecting the ball, and that should be enough to pull away, after some big pass plays, of course.

Choose: The Chiefs win 38-13 and cover the difference.

  • Madness of the week: Steelers (+3, 42.5 o / u) over Browns

Sunday 1 pm ET, CBS

The Steelers have a (black) and gold opportunity after a break to score a major away win in the tough AFC North. Cleveland should be in better health in some areas, but key offensive players may still be lacking. Pittsburgh will be well rested and discover a few more things to support Najee Harris and Ben Roethlisberger on offense and the defense will take advantage of a break against a minor attack.

Choose: The Steelers win 20-17.

(Fake images)

  • Dolphins in Bills (-13.5, 48.5 o / u)

Sunday 1 pm ET, CBS

This one is a bit tricky. The Dolphins have come to life with a better offense as Tua Tagovailoa has taken full control with a greatly improved quarterback game upon returning from his rib injury, perhaps motivated by the Deshaun Watson rumors. The Bills don’t need to worry about the long-term QB with Josh Allen and will come out laser-focused to tear apart a division foe after the bye, one they knocked out in Game 1.

Choose: The bills win 31-14 and cover the margin.

  • Panthers at Falcons (-3, 46.5 o / u)

Sunday 1 pm ET, Fox

The Panthers have reached the limit with Sam Darnold and the quarterback and Christian McCaffrey cannot return to lift career games and go through to Week 9 against the Patriots at the earliest. The Falcons are finding their groove again with Matt Ryan, as their offense looks like a lot of fun again with so many diverse weapons. Coach Arthur Smith seems like a stronghold with his organization, while his counterpart Matt Rhule will struggle more with motivation on the road.

Choose: The Falcons win 24-20 and cover the spread.

  • Águilas (-3.5, 47.5 o / u) at Lions

Sunday 1 pm ET, Fox

The Eagles have been one of the league’s most disappointing fresh coaches with Nick Sirianni working with Jalen Hurts. Unlike Smith in Atlanta, Sirianni can’t find the right mesh between passing volume for his dynamic QB and adequate support from the traditional running game. That could change by simplifying the attack with many DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert and Kenneth Gainwell. The Lions don’t have that luxury beyond D’Andre Swift and TJ Hockenson and he’s causing Jared Goff to hit a wall.

Choose: Eagles win 31-24 and cover the spread.


  • Titans at Colts (-1, 49 o / u)

Sunday 1 pm ET, CBS

The Titans handled the first game in Nashville by walking away for a 25-16 victory. It’s never easy for either of the top two teams in the AFC to deal with each other, because Mike Vrabel and Frank Reich will dig deep into training to ensure a great effort by backing up a smart game plan. The Titans are hot and it would look like they would cool off from the Bills and Chiefs games, but they won’t miss the opportunity to put significant distance between themselves and the Colts in the division, either. They have the best combination of running back, mobile quarterback and best young wide receiver, but not by much.

Choose: The Titans win 27-24.

  • Rams (-14.5, 47 o / u) at Texans

Sunday 1 pm ET, Fox

The Rams took the Lions a bit lightly and Detroit was right to do everything it could to try to screw things up in Goff’s revenge game. But the Rams tend to be more focused on exploiting bad teams on the road, and it’s increasingly difficult for Houston to be competitive with a huge talent pool. They go back to doing the job they did with the Giants in Week 6.

Choose: The Rams win 34-14 and cover the spread.

  • Bengals (-9.5, 43.5 o / u) at Jets

Sunday 1 pm ET, CBS

The Bengals made the leap to the power of the AFC last week with a huge road win over the Ravens. Joe Burrow is locked in as a franchise quarterback and Ja’Marr Chase is literally running (and receiving) rookie of the year honors. The defense is also asserting its will with key playmakers at all levels, led by a much improved outside-in passing race. The Jets will deliver the offense to 2018 fifth-round Mike White with 2021 first-round Zach Wilson on the shelf, and at this point, it can’t get much worse with the spark from rookie running back Michael Carter. Cincy lowers the throttle here and the Jets have some assets in pass defense helping them sneak out with a backdoor cover.

Choose: The Bengals win 31-23 but can’t make up the difference.

(Fake images)

  • 49ers (-3.5, 41.5 o / u) at Bears

Sunday 1 pm ET, Fox

The 49ers have some positive offensive flashes with Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel, but it’s up to Kyle Shanahan to find more personal answers among the injured players and the dogs. The good news is that his team plays well on the road and is much more organized and organized than his offensive-minded counterpart Matt Nagy. Although this could have been touted at one point as Trey Lance vs. Justin Fields, the team that needs to play a veteran quarterback in this one has the upper hand. Jimmy Garoppolo returns to Illinois for a homecoming win with lots of help from defense and the running game.

Choose: The 49ers win 24-14 and cover the spread.

  • Jaguars at Seahawks (-3.5, 43.5 o / u)

Sunday 4:05 pm ET, CBS

The Jaguars will be looking for another win after their break, only this time they need to travel 4,780 miles from London to try and get it. The Seahawks have drawn a couple of tough spots early without Russell Wilson on a trip to Pittsburgh and hosting New Orleans, both in prime time. Darrell Bevell and Brian Schottenheimer, two former offensive coordinators for the Seahawks, will hope to get a solid game from Trevor Lawrence with James Robinson as the centerpiece. But look to your former boss, Pete Carroll, to be creative and remind everyone that he is the rare college success story to the professional Urban Meyer will not be.

Choose: The Seahawks win 23-20 but fail to cover the spread.

  • Patriots at Chargers (-5.5, 47.5 o / u)

Sunday 4:05 pm ET, CBS

The Chargers will return with a cleaner offense with Justin Herbert after the break, but the Patriots’ defense will plan to eliminate the big plays and force them to be patient and polish with their attack. The Patriots will also stay in the game with their rushing attack against the Chargers’ porous running defense. Eventually, Herbert will be hard to stop with arms and legs with a great assist from Austin Ekeler’s versatile backfield. Mac Jones will do his best to match him as a young gun, but LA escapes New England on the gun.

Choose: The Chargers win 24-23 but can’t cover the spread.

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  • Washington Football Team at Broncos (-3.5, 43.5 o / u)

Sunday 4:25 pm ET, Fox

Put Washington and Denver high on the list of teams that should draft a high quarterback in 2022. Backups Taylor Heinicke and Teddy Bridgewater have made their teams competitive, each aided by a good variety of players from offensive ability. The Broncos have a bit more versatility and health on their side, plus home field and more disciplined defense under Vic Fangio versus what WFT has under Jack Del Rio.

Choose: The Broncos win 20-17 but can’t make up the difference.

  • Buccaneers (-4.5, 42.5 o / u) at Saints

Sunday 4:25 pm ET, Fox

The Buccaneers like to destroy opponents outmatched at home. They tend to make things more interesting against good teams along the way, especially solid ones in their own division. It’s hard to know what the Saints will produce offensively with former Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston in any given week. Tom Brady is a bit more predictable with his methodical precision. New Orleans has enough defense and a motivated Winston to do this tight in something close to a spot in local prime time.

Choose: The Buccaneers win 27-23 but fail to cover the spread.

  • Cowboys (-2.5, 54.5 o / u) at Vikings

Sunday 8:20 pm ET, NBC

With both teams coming out of a goodbye, this should be a compelling two-team game in full force. Dak Prescott needed rest and will return ready to accelerate the Cowboys’ explosive and near-unstoppable offense with perhaps more reinforcements. Kirk Cousins ​​will have a healthier Dalvin Cook to pick him up again for big plays against Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. Prescott is more reliable and is attacking the weaker defense, while the Cowboys will respond with the stronger closing defense to close the door late.

Choose: Cowboys win 31-27 and cover the spread

Vinnie Iyer picks in 2021:

  • Week 7 record against the spread: 9-3
  • Week 7 log directly: 8-5
  • ATS season: 56-49
  • Straight season: 72-35


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