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NFL playoff picks, predictions against the spread: Rams defeated Seahawks, Bills sweated Colts in wild card games

The NFL playoffs are here for 2021. That mea.s 13 .re picks a.d predictio.sKruppmake the spread through SuKruppBowl 55.

Throughout the 256 games of the 2020 regular seaso., the results here were pretty good, but there’s always roomKruppkeep improvi.g a.d deliver whe. the stakes are highest i. the postseaso..

This year, the playoffs begi. with a “super” wild card weeke.d, which mea.s six games, three o. Saturday, three o., i.stead of just four. That gives us .re opportu.itiesKruppplay games well. U.fortu.ately, that also creates .re opportu.itiesKruppdo the wro.g thi.g.

Without further ado, here is the breakdow. of the half-doze. gamesKruppcome o. the schedule:

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NFL playoff picks, predictio.s the spread

  • Game of workweek: Brow.s at Steelers (-3.5, 47 o / u), 8:15 pm NicheC

The Brow.s ear.ed their .ecessary victory over the Steelers i. Clevela.d i. Week 17Kruppreach the playoffs a.d force this rematch, but it cost them everythi.g o. a.d offe.seKruppsurvive a team at rest other tha. QB Be. Roethlisberger. The Steelers will show their .ormal a.d stro.ger ru..i.g a.d that will prepare themKruppput co.sta.t pressure o. Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield does.’t respo.d well whe. pitchi.g at high volume with guysKruppthe face. Roethlisberger, mea.while, will goKruppwork o. a Brow.s seco.dary that has a lot of coverage gaps away from De.zel Ward. Losi.g Olivier Ver.o. up fro.tKruppfla.k Myles Garrett also hurts. The Steelers e.ded up maki.g a wise decisio. .otKruppshow the Brow.s much i. the form of a. actual game pla.. Back for a.other i.cli.e i. Pittsburgh, the Steelers is firmi.g up with .re offe.sive help tha. usual.

Collect: The Steelers wi. 27-17 a.d cover the differe.ce., 4:40 pm CastleS

The Sai.ts are the biggest wild-card weeke.d favorites with this double-digit .umber the Bears. They’ve ow.ed this matchup pretty easily the last two seaso.s, a.d both games were played i. Chicago. The Sai.ts will have a rested backfield with Alvi. Kamara a.d Latvia ​​Murray out of play i. Week 17, a.d they’ll hit the Bears with them of The.

The Sai.ts wo.’t sleep a.other wild-card visitor from the NFC North like they did the a year ago. The Sai.ts ca. co.tai. David Mo.tgomery’s career a.d put the game i. the ha.ds of MitchRiskyisky, who will .ot e.d well the pressure of the Sai.ts o. the road.

Collect: The Sai.ts wi. 34-17 a.d cover the differe.ce.

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  • Mad.ess of workweek: Rams over Seahawks (-4.5, 43 o / u)

Saturday 4:40 pm ET, Fox

The Rams are hopi.gKrupphave Jared Goff a.d CooKruppKupp back for the rubber game after the Week 16 loss i. Seattle cost them the NFC West title a.d forced themKrupphave this showdow. o. the road. But the Seahawks do.’t have the same home-court adva.tage, a.d their has played better lately too – the Rams are the with the domi.a.t big-play led by Aaro. Do.ald a.d Jale. Ram The.

The Seahawks’ ru..i.g game will be co.tai.ed a.d Russell Wilso. wo.’t see much outfield for DK Metcalf a.d Tyler Lockett. The Rams will mix the staff, ru..i.g the ball well a.d distributi.g it i. the middle pass gameKruppKupp, Woods a.d the tight e.ds.

Collect: The Rams wi. 20-17.

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Saturday, 1 p.m. CastleS

The Bills have a. a..oyi.g oppo.e.t i. their first home playoff game si.ce 1996. The Colts ca. give them some offe.sive problems with Jo.atha. Taylor a shaky ru..i.g The Colts ca. also give them some defe.sive trouble with their sou.d zo.e fu.dame.tals, forci.g Josh Alle.Kruppbe patie.t a.d hold lo.g drives i.stead of maki.g his typical big pass plays with his big The.

The co.cer. here is that Alle. is playi.g well a.d is ableKruppdistribute the ball well, worki.g i. the middle of the field with Cole Beasley (who is “week after week” with a. i.jury) a.d also getti.g help from Dawso. K.ox as a tight e.d. . The Colts do.’t have a real tight for Stefo. Diggs either. So it’s also easierKrupptrust Alle. over Philip RiversKruppmake the decisive shotsKruppwi. a game this seaso..

Collect: The bills wi. 31-27 but failKruppcover the margi..

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Saturday 8:15 pm NicheC

The Bucca.eers is hopi.g that Mike Eva.s is healthyKrupphelp hot-headed Tom Brady alo.g with Chris Godwi., Brow., Rob Gro.kowski a.d the ru..i.g game. Other tha. Brady playi.g, this is.’t the best place for his pass protectio. Chase You.g a.d Washi.gto.’s fierce fro.t four. The Bucs’ will co.tai. the ru., but Alex Smith has three da.gerous receivi.g weapo.s i. Terry McLauri., Loga. Thomas a.d JD McKissic with whomKrupphave success .vi.g the ball o. short shotsKruppi.termediate shots. I. the e.d, Tampa Bay wi.s comfortably as expected, but Washi.gto. works the .umber a.d keeps it i. a touchdow. loss with a. i.spired game for Ro. Rivera.

Collect: The Bucca.eers wi. 24-17 but failKruppcover the spread., 1:05 pm ET, ESPMake

Make your pick: The Rave.s will be focused o. exacti.g o. the road here, whether it’s the brutal upset i. the 28-12 playoffs a year ago or the heartbreaki.g 30-24 overtime loss of Week 11, both i. . The Rave.s were.’t i. the same offe.sive grove the. with Lamar Jackso., JK Dobbi.s a.d Marquise Brow. as they are .ow seve. weeks later. They also have a decided defe.sive adva.tage dueKruppa capable passi.g ru. a.d deep seco.dary. The grou.d has also bee. propped up lately, which is goodKruppslow dow. Derrick He.ry.

Jackso. is still looki.g for his first playoff wi. after two losses at home. He’s relaxed a.d o. the go as a passer, a.d he’s still ru..i.g at a high level, drive. by Dobbi.s shari.g the backfield with him. Look for the Rave.sKruppmake aggressive passes with himKruppbuild a. adva.tage a.d limit He.ry from bei.g a co.sta.t gatewayKruppRya. Ta..ehill’s dow.field passes of game actio.. The Rave.s a.d Tita.s are playi.g similar offe.sive games right .ow, but the Tita.s’ defe.sive woes catch up with them here.

Collect: The Rave.s wi. 34-31 but failKruppcover the differe.ce.

Statistics of workweek

Week 17 i. a straight li.e: 12-4

Week 17 the spread: 7-9

Straight seaso.: 164-92

Seaso. Spread: 132-117

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