Monday, January 24

NFL quarantined: 213 players positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks

Approximately 10% of the players who make life in the NFL are infected.

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The NFL has reported in the last two weeks 213 positive players for COVID-19, almost 10 percent of the total of elements of the league according to the report of this Tuesday of its channel NFL Network.

On Monday, 47 cases were reported, five more than at the beginning of last week, a new record for a day of testing, but the number of infections has escalated to more than two hundred.

According to the NFL, two thirds of those 213 players are asymptomatic, while the rest have presented mild symptoms. The increase in infections has already caused the rescheduling of three games of week 15 of the NFL. The first was the Los Angeles Raiders against the Cleveland Browns, which went from Saturday 18 to Monday 20 December.

The other two, which would be played on Sunday 19, will be held this Tuesday between the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams, and the Washington Football Team against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the teams that play this Tuesday, Philadelphia will not be able to count on its starting guard Landon Dickerson, nor his substitute Andre Dillard. Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey dropped off the COVID-19 list and is free to play for his team.

Among the stellar players who entered the positive list this week are Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce; Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa; Bills catcher Evin Ksiezarczyk; and Lions quarterback Jared Goff.

New England will lose catcher Kendrick Bourne, linebackers Harvey Langi and Cameron McGrone, as well as defensive end Ronnie Perkins next game.

The squad with the most positive tests are the Browns with 23including his starting quarterback Baker Mayfield and backup Case Keenum, catcher Jarvis Landry, cornerback Jadeveon Clowney, safety John Johnson and coach Kevin Stefanski.

Cleveland is followed by the Rams with 21, then Washington with 14 and the Bears 11. According to new NFL protocols, which went into effect Monday, vaccinated and asymptomatic players can return to play in less than 10 days.

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