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NFL standings: updated image of the NFC and AFC playoffs for week 11 of the 2021 season

The 2021 NFL season is in double-digit weeks and has passed the midpoint of its new 17-game schedule. That makes for another good time to check out the updated standings and what the playoff picture looks like before Week 11 action.

The league maintained its expanded playoff field, with 14 of its 32 teams (43.8 percent) set to qualify for the final postseason. That includes 7 each from the AFC and NFC, and only the No. 1 seeds got free passes in addition to home advantage.

Who would he be, who is still in dispute, and who should he be thinking about next season? Here’s a full look:

The Titans take over; Cowboys, Patriots soar; Buccaneers, Ravens fall for week 11

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NFL Standings for Week 11

Image of the AFC playoffs

Who would be inside?

1. Tennessee Titans (8-2), first place, AFC South. The Titans have key wins over the Bills and Chiefs to build their strong conference record, with just one loss to the Jets. His other loss was to the Cardinals. Beating the Saints, they were up a game and a half ahead of the losing Ravens. Remaining schedule strength: .346

2. Buffalo Bills (6-3), first place, AFC East. The Bills were excited when they beat the Chiefs to go 5-1, but lost tough games to the Titans and Jaguars to follow their Week 1 home loss to the Steelers. Beyond falling into this seed, that reduced his divisional advantage over the Patriots to just half a game. That’s why his rebound victory for the Jets was huge. Remaining schedule strength: .513

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-3), first place, AFC North. The Ravens were unable to keep the pressure on the Titans and Bills when they were surprised by the Dolphins on Thursday night. They have key AFC wins over the Chiefs and Chargers, but they also lost to the Raiders and Bengals. The key to maintaining a strong non-wild card position is winning more in tough AFC North down the stretch. Remaining schedule strength: 579

4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4), first place, AFC West. The Chiefs took over their rightful position in the division by beating the Raiders and also getting a break from the Chargers who missed the afternoon window ahead of them. They will have to outrun everyone directly ahead of them to climb to No. 1 because three of their losses were to the Titans, Bills and Ravens. Remaining schedule strength: 577

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5. New England Patriots (7-4), second place, AFC East. The Patriots have rallied to three games over .500 by opening Week 11 with a road win over the Falcons and have prevented the Bills from fleeing again with the division. They won a key game with wild-card implications against the Browns in Week 10. Their other big win in the conference was over the Chargers. Remaining schedule strength: .515

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3-1), second place, AFC North. The Steelers hope to stay behind the Ravens in their quest for a second straight division title. They have wins over the Bills, Browns and Broncos, but lost to the Raiders and Bengals. They were understaffed, but they still should have beaten the Lions. A tie is still a better result than the Browns’. They have a tough game against the Chargers in Week 11. Remaining schedule strength: .600

7. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4), second place, AFC West. The Chargers launched into a surprise division lead entering Week 10 by virtue of wins over the Chiefs and Raiders, so the home loss to the Vikings hurt. Brandon Staley is a candidate for coach of the year, as the second year with Justin Herbert has been serendipitous. They need to keep the AFC West’s strong game going in the second half. They need to beat the Chiefs again, and now they are half a game behind. Remaining schedule strength: .473

Who can get there?

8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)
9. Las Vegas Raiders (5-4)
10. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)
11. Cleveland Browns (5-5)
12. Denver Broncos (5-5)

The Bengals and Raiders have a key game between them in Week 11 in Las Vegas. The Browns need to make up ground quickly in the AFC North again. The Broncos are destined to disappear and the Colts could have dug too big a hole to return as wild cards.

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Who is ready to go?

13. Miami Dolphins (3-7)
14. New York Jets (2-7)
15. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)
16. Houston Texans (1-8)

There is no surprise here, save for the big drop for the Dolphins. The Jets and Jaguars need to see more of their rookie first-round quarterbacks in the second half.

NFL SELECTIONS WEEK 11: Direct | Against the spread

fake images

NFC playoffs image

Who would be inside?

1. Green Bay Packers (8-2), first place, NFC North. The Packers beat the Cardinals but lost to the Saints among the contenders. They don’t need to worry about the division again and would love to put the playoff path through Lambeau Field. They are back in that prime position after their win over the Seahawks while the Cardinals lost. Remaining schedule strength: .454

2. Arizona Cardinals (8-2), first place, NFC West. The Cardinals renewed their first-half schedule, except for the Week 8 loss at home to the Packers, the team now ahead of them. They also have a key win over the Rams who are already in the division. But the Panthers’ loss without Kyler Murray in Week 10 may haunt them for a while with a diminishing divisional advantage. Remaining schedule strength: .438

3. Dallas Cowboys (7-2), first place, NFC East. The Cowboys jumped here again after rebounding from the Broncos’ debacle at home by ripping the Falcons apart. They are still in great shape to run away with the division and are alive and well for home advantage. Remaining schedule strength: .493

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3), first place, NFC South. The Buccaneers do not want to fall back into a wild card and should worry about finishing ahead of the Saints, whom they lost in Week 8. They are still a strong threat to finish as the top two seeds to make their Super Replay Road. bowl is a little easier, but the shocking Week 10 loss in Washington, the second in a row, didn’t help. Remaining schedule strength :. 467

5. Second place for Los Angeles Rams (7-3), NFC West. The Rams failed to reach a virtual draw with the Cardinals, to whom they lost, as they were upset by the 49ers Monday night for their second straight loss. They are still in good shape for at least this seed and will continue to push for the division title with another game against Arizona ahead. Remaining schedule strength: .538

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6. New Orleans Saints (5-4), second place, NFC South. The Saints have big NFC wins on their résumé over the Packers, Buccaneers and Seahawks. The conference is weak enough to at least fall back on this seed or No. 7 with the Bucs, with a good chance to repeat in the division. Unfortunately, they couldn’t beat the Titans to take advantage of the Buccaneers’ stumble. Remaining schedule strength :. 493.

7. Carolina Panthers (5-5), third place, NFC South. The Panthers jumped here to last place before their game in Arizona thanks to the Falcons, whom they beat earlier in the season, losing to the Cowboys. They stayed here beating the Cardinals as the only exactly .500 team in the NFC. Remaining schedule strength: .516

Who can get there?

8. Minnesota Vikings (4-5)
9. San Francisco 49ers (4-5)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6)
11. Atlanta Falcons (4-6)
12. Washington soccer team (3-6)
13. New York Giants (3-6)
14. Seattle Seahawks (3-6)
15. Chicago Bears (3-6)

The Vikings, who beat the Panthers and Seahawks, can still run to a wild card if they figure out how to win more close games. Likewise, the 49ers can’t be counted on to rally, especially after a big win against the Rams. The Falcons are a strange team from week to week, hard to trust either way. The Seahawks are still dangerous with a healthier Russell Wilson. The Eagles, Giants and Washington only have a desperate path as a wild card behind the Cowboys. The Bears and are hanging by a thread.

Who is ready to go?

16. Detroit Lions (0-8-1)

Put the Lions on winless guard for the remainder of the season with a draw after your break.


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