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NFL Week 18 Schedule: What Games Are Today? TV channels, schedules for Saturday in double billboard

The final week of the 2021 NFL season begins Saturday with a pair of division rivals facing off against each other with the playoff seed at stake.

Three of the four teams that will play Saturday have secured a playoff spot. The Chiefs, who play the Broncos, are hoping to make one last bid to win the No. 1 seed in the AFC, needing both a win and a loss from the Titans to secure a first-round rest and home-field advantage during the playoffs. .

The Cowboys and Eagles have secured their ticket to the playoffs, the former for the NFC East title and the latter for the wild card spot. Dallas has a chance to finish the weekend as high as the No. 2 seed, albeit with a lot of help needed, while the Eagles can look forward to a No. 6 seed at best in the playoffs.

Hoping to see some of the action from the weekend? Sporting News has you covered with everything you need to know to tune in.

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What NFL games are going on today?

Here’s Saturday’s schedule for week 18 of the NFL season.

Saturday january 8

Play Time (ET) Channel
Broncos bosses 4:30 pm ESPN, ABC, ESPN +, fuboTV
Cowboys in eagles 8:15 pm ESPN, ABC, ESPN +, fuboTV

What channel are the NFL games on Saturday?

Here’s how to watch the two games that were held on Saturday.

Broncos bosses

Patrick Mahomes has been the Broncos’ nightmare. In his career, Mahomes has yet to lose to Denver, with a perfect 8-0 record, with his Chiefs outscoring the Broncos 224-120.

The Chiefs hope to go 9-0 and do everything they can at this point to help themselves return to the number one spot in the AFC. The Chiefs needed to beat the Bengals on Sunday to control their own destiny, but they lost, tying them with the Titans for the spot. Now, they need to beat Denver and they need the Titans to lose to the Texans on Sunday.

However, a Broncos win could really shake up the rest of the AFC playoff field. The Chiefs would then be in danger of falling as low as No. 4 if Cincinnati beat the Browns and the Bills beat the Jets. Needless to say, Mahomes is feeling the pressure to pull off another win for Kansas City at Mile High Stadium on Saturday.

Cowboys in eagles

Similar to the Chiefs, Dallas was poised to take the No. 1 seed last Sunday. If the Cowboys had beaten the Cardinals and the Packers had lost to the Vikings, Dallas would have moved to a tie for the spot. Instead, the opposite happened in every scenario, securing No. 1 for Green Bay.

Now the Cowboys hope to rank as high as possible in the NFC to secure home-field advantage against most opponents. That journey begins with beating the Eagles on Saturday. With a Seahawks win over Arizona, the Panthers win over Tampa Bay and the 49ers win against the Rams, the Cowboys climb to No. 2. Of course, that’s asking a lot. The only way Dallas even finishes at No. 3 is with wins from San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa Bay.

For Philadelphia, there are two seeds it can finish: No. 6 or 7. To reach No. 6, the Eagles need a Saints win over Atlanta and a Rams win against the 49ers or they need to beat Dallas, the Rams to win and Falcons to win.

The last time these two teams met, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles 41-21 in Week 3.

NFL Week 18 Schedule

Saturday january 8

Play Time (ET) Channel
Broncos bosses 4:30 pm ESPN, ABC, ESPN +, fuboTV
Cowboys in eagles 8:15 pm ESPN, ABC, ESPN +, fuboTV

Sunday January 9

Play Time (ET) Television channel
Bengals @ Browns 13:00 Fox, fuboTV
Packers @ Lions 13:00 Fox, fuboTV
Bears @ Vikings 13:00 Fox, fuboTV
Washington @ Giants 13:00 Fox, fuboTV
Colts @ Jaguars 13:00 CBS, fuboTV
Steelers @ Ravens 13:00 CBS, fuboTV
Titans @ Texans 13:00 CBS, fuboTV
Santos @ Falcons 4:25 pm Fox, fuboTV
Jets @ invoices 4:25 pm CBS, fuboTV
49ers @ Rams 4:25 pm Fox, fuboTV
Patriots @ Dolphins 4:25 pm CBS, fuboTV
Seahawks @ Cardinals 4:25 pm Fox, fuboTV
Panthers @ Buccaneers 4:25 pm CBS, fuboTV
Chargers @ Raiders 8:20 pm NBC, fuboTV

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