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Nicaragua: criminals | Opinion | THE COUNTRY

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo during a ceremony in Managua (Nicaragua).
Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo during a ceremony in Managua (Nicaragua).HANDOUT / AFP

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The counterrevolutionary Sandinismo chose to dismantle democracy and clone the political, military, economic and social structure of the Somoza dynasty (1934-79). Not a step back, whatever the world says. If the opposition tried to register a weaned as a presidential candidate, they would ban it, arguing the minor’s complicity with Yankee imperialism and stateless fifth columnists. And if the application of the Foreign Agents Law were implausible since the applicant’s wisdom teeth could not be found, he could be considered a criminal of money laundering or incurred in a cyber crime because the Yankee indoctrinates from an early age.

The panoply of subterfuges approved to criminalize political dissent and blow up the November elections serves for a rip and a rip. It is executed without shrouds, so that Blessed Cecilia may not be eligible for the head of the Government either, since very serious sins against morals and good customs have been discovered. The regime’s fear of defeat is so great that the repression must be sustained and the detainees, VIPs, to make their release more expensive by empowering the jailers.

The prosecutors in charge of trafficking in persons accuse them of the usual misdeeds: treason and conspiracy against the people in complicity with foreign governments who see the straw in another’s eye and not the beam in their own. The Jews do not oblige to protect national sovereignty, besieged by ideological falsehood, the Soros Foundation, Oxfam, the NGOs abducted by enemy propaganda, the rich and the bullies financed by the State department. We are not attacked by politicians but by criminals who violate our rule of law, the bulwark of the stability, autonomy and self-determination of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The victorious generals in ancient Rome received a laurel wreath and a slave who, to the cheers of the people, whispered to them not to forget that they were mortal. During the triumphant entrance of the rooster Ortega in Managua (1979), someone should have hit him on the crest with a variant of the literary topic So the glory of the world: Daniel, you are perishable, do not think of the bullshit of thinking you are master and lord. No one did, and the commander climbed onto the revolution until it rotted, the victim of a narcissistic personality disorder highly contagious in Latin America.

The aggravation of the disturbance is not stopped with a couple of aspirins. Somoza’s emulator does not believe in the reflection used during the coronation of the popes: in the ephemerality of worldly pride and power. On the contrary, it manifests the desire for permanence of those alienated by the command. What can be done with the despotic clique? Well, tighten the pegs of democracy or confine it in Norway until it respects the freedom of others, even if not all are respectable.

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