Sunday, June 26

Nicaragua: The Dilemma Facing the United States on How to Respond to Ortega’s Questioned Re-election

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC News World


Image source, Getty Images


Hundreds of Nicaraguans protested in Costa Rica against the holding of the elections.

The United States faces a dilemma in the face of the questioned re-election of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua: If it responds lukewarmly, others in the region might take notice, but if it imposes strong sanctions, it risks a boomerang effect.

US President Joe Biden called Sunday’s Nicaraguan election a “pantomime”, which gave Ortega a fourth consecutive term after his government incarcerated several of his rivals and opponents.

Biden signed into law the Reborn Act on Wednesday, which received bipartisan support in Congress and allows you to extend the sanctions to the Ortega government and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.

The White House now has a wide range of possible measures: from new financial sanctions on Nicaraguan officials, to trade penalties that would further sink the Central American country’s economy.

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