Thursday, January 20

Nicaragua: why Mexico and Argentina called their ambassadors in the Central American country for consultations

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Daniel Ortega and his wife in 2018.

Image source, AFP


Daniel Ortega is seeking a fourth term in the November presidential elections.

Concern in Mexico and Argentina about what is happening in Nicaragua.

The governments of both countries called their ambassadors in the Central American nation for consultations on Monday about the “worrying political-legal actions carried out” by the government of Daniel Ortega in recent days.

In a joint statement, both report that they instructed the ambassador of Mexico, Gustavo Alonso Cabrera, and that of Argentina, Mateo Daniel Capitanich, to travel to their respective capitals to consult them on these measures.

“They have put the integrity and freedom of various opposition figures (including presidential candidates), activists and Nicaraguan businessmen at risk,” they said.

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