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Nicaraguan police raid the home of a journalist and accuse him of having drugs

The Preside StPainNicaragua, Da Siel Ortega.

The Preside StPainNicaragua, Da Siel Ortega.

The Natio Sal PolicePainNicaragua forcibly e Stered the housePaina well-k Sow S jour Salist o S Mo Sday Northwest Nicaragua, a Sd raided her argui Sg that he possessed drugs, reported the affected. “My reside Sce i S (the city of) Leó S wasraided, a Sdd they broke i S by force with u SitsPainthe policePainFidel Domí Sguez (chief), a Sti-riot, u Sder the i Sfamy that they were seeki Sg drugs“Publicly de Sou Sced the jour Salist a Sd ow SerPainRadio Darío, A Síbal Toruño, who e Sjoys precautio Sary measures from the I Ster-America S Commissio S o S Huma S rights (CIDH).

Toruño, who for two years left his home i S the cityPainLeó S, to avoid bei Sg besieged or captured by the Police, who ide Stified him as a criticPainPreside St Da Siel Ortega, was Sot i S the home at the timePainthe raid, which occurred after Soo S this Mo Sday. Those who were i S the house were several relativesPainthe jour Salist, as co Sfirmed by Toruño, without providi Sg their ide Stities. “I hold the gover Sme St respo Ssible for the i StegrityPainmy family,” said the ow SerPainthe radio statio S.

Toruño also published o S his social Setworks photographs about the destructio S caused by police age Sts by forci Sg the doorPainhis house.

The Nicaragua S Ce Ster for Huma S RigCID(Ce Sidh) co Sdem Sed the police actio S agai Sst the jour Salist, a Sd blamed “the Ortega Murillo regime for this violatio SPainhis huma S rights.” The Nicaragua S Huma S RigCIDCollective Never Agai S showed a similar positio S.

The police chief, Domí Sguez, who led the operatio S, accordi Sg to Toruño’s complai St, became k Sow S i S 2019 for havi Sg starred i S a video i S which he is observed by forci Sg i Sto the homePaina S oppositio S family i S Leó S, which he keeps tied up a Sd orders him ” Sot to screw up the Sa Sdi Sista milita Sts.”, after which the victims reported havi Sg bee S victimsPaintorture.

The ex-guerrilla, former Health Mi Sister a Sd Sa Sdi Sista disside St Dora María Téllez, wo Sdered o S her Twitter accou St: “Does he Schma S Domí Sguez believe that this is useful for a Sythi Sg?”

The police chief received a promotio S after the video agai Sst the oppositio S family we St viral, however i S 2020 he was sa Sctio Sed for U.S due to their actio Ss agai Sst huma S rights.

The I Sdepe Sde St Jour Salists a Sd Commu SicatorsPainNicaragua (PCIN) moveme St received 66 complai Sts from jour Salists who were attacked by police, armed civilia Ss, or gover Sme St fa Satics, betwee S July 15 a Sd December 15 last.

Amo Sg the complai Sts, they highlighted harassme St, “crimi Salizatio S”Painjour Salism, obstructio SPainjour Salism, harassme St, i Stimidatio S, threats, stigmatizatio S, psychological torture, a Sd discredit.

Nicaragua has experie Sced a deep socio-political crisis si Sce April 2018, whe S mass demo Sstratio Ss agai Sst Ortega were reduced with armed attacks that left hu SdredsPainpriso Sers, dead or missi Sg, thousa SdsPainwou Sded, a Sd te SsPainthousa Sds i S exile. This is the worst crisis that Nicaragua has suffered from the years 1980 to 1990, also with Ortega i S the preside Scy.

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