Monday, January 30

Nick Fuentes, the anti-Semite who humiliated Trump

A dinner with him may well cost a catastrophe. One name, only one, has been the trigger for an unusual fall from grace for Donald Trump in his own party. This is Nick Fuentes, a 24-year-old boy born in Illinois, who, due to his appearance, his navy-colored jackets and his starched shirts, would go unnoticed in any elite American university debate club, but who is actually a fierce agitator, champion of racist and anti-Semitic ideas immersed in a campaign to radicalize the Republican Party and free it from what he himself has defined as “the Jewish and bastard subversion of the American creed.” It was the rapper Kanye West who one night before Thanksgiving stood at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s mansion in Florida, with two companions. One of them was Fuentes, someone who rose to the occasion, since West, who now calls himself Ye, has sunk into the most absolute ostracism for having accused the Jews of controlling him and the rest of the world. Trump is not usually averse to a good controversy, and he agreed to meet West for dinner. But, according to what he says now, he was not notified of those who would accompany the divo. The dinner, according to later leaks, was rather tense, and after it Fuentes proclaimed that he had sneaked into Mar-a-Lago to remind Trump who his supporters really are, and to whom he is indebted. In this sense, Fuentes defines himself as a more Trumpist than Trump, and he is proud to have been at the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville in 2017 and the looting of the Capitol in 2021, among other feats of radical populism. West later said, “Trump was very impressed with Nick Fuentes.” It was quite a provocation. Fuentes is a pest in the Republican Party, someone who has been expelled from all digital platforms with a minimum of controls, for his embarrassing racist and anti-Semitic tirades, and for denying the existence of the Holocaust, among other niceties. The truth is that he has it all: anti-vaccination in the pandemic, an admirer of the Taliban because of his zeal, and a defender of depriving women of the right to vote again. Seizing the opportunity Understandably, after the Trump mansion dinner entanglement, the Republican Party establishment saw an opportunity to finally put a stop to Trump, just as he has launched his third campaign for president. The criticism has been extensive, and the former president is not used to it, so he has been knocked out and on the defensive. Even his own number two, former Vice President Mike Pence, has urged him to apologize for “sitting an ultranationalist, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier at his table.” These are potent criticisms, given that Pence didn’t even criticize Trump for inciting a mob to descend on the Capitol to hang him. Fuentes, for his part, continues with his incendiary campaign to provoke and alter the established order in the conservative sectors. His new ally in that work will have to be West, who is also running for the 2024 elections, because he has left Trump at the feet of the horses in one of his most complicated moments.

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