Tuesday, June 15

Nicki Minaj naked and with her pink crocs sweeps Instagram

The rapper Nicki Minaj come back on the right foot at social networks, after a four-month hiatus and he does it in a big way, as he is causing a sensation, not only for the suggestive pose he shows, but for the pink crocs with Chanel trim.

Undoubtedly, Nicki Minaj knows how to attract attention at all times, and her return to social media was no exception, as it is breaking her with pink hooks, since in the feet of the rapper they are really stealing the attention of the netizens.

And it’s not just plain pink crocs, but the interpreter of “Tusa”Yes, he knew how to take them to another level, by adorning them with jewels from the French firm Chanel, what is causing a sensation on social media.

Nicki Minaj takes crocs to another level

Those shoes are commonly worn for lounging, but now that Nicki Minaj has worn them, those sandals are stealing the attention of the rapper’s followersa, who now seek to emulate their favorite artist, since it was revealed in some specialized media that sales of crocs are skyrocketing, obviously without Chanel’s expensive jewelry, since that is a personal touch of the famous rapper.

As is known, Nicki Minaj loves to steal a camera and she is not doing it, not only because of the now famous pink crocs, but also because of the suggestive photo she shared on her account. Instagram where she apparently poses naked, covering her private parts with two pink heart-shaped cushions.

Nicki Minaj naked

The interpreter of Trollz, poses seated at a small desk, white with pink, looking at the camera with a suggestive pose and look, while with her hands she holds two heart-shaped cushions that cover her private parts, exposing her men and legs.

One of her legs is on top of the desk, while the other is resting on a chair that is in front of her, and that is where she shows off her pink crocs with Chanel embellishments, which are sweeping social networks.

The rapper wears jewelry on her neck, hands and feet, very much in her style, without neglecting the striking rings shown in the photograph.

The image is predominantly pink, as well as ornaments from the French fashion brand Chanel, one of Nicki Minaj’s favorite brands.

In another photo, a screen appears showing a pink neon sign with her name on it, similarly highlighting several Chanel objects.

Back to music?

And not only that, apparently Nicki Minaj gave a clue to his followers on Instagram about his return to music, since next to the burning photograph he posted the word “Friday” (Friday), accompanied by an image of crossed fingers, it which was interpreted by his fans and specialized sites as an advertisement for his new production.

Her followers immediately showed her their pleasure because the singer returned to social networks, which highlighted the return of “the queen.”

The image has more than 4 million likes, which shows the rape that the rapper has on social networks.

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