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Nicki Minaj says her son hates rap

Nicki Minaj says her son hates rap and prefers classical music.

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The rapper Nicki Minaj decided to move away from public life taking advantage of the fact that he has not published a new album since 2018 to focus on his mother role after welcoming their first offspring on September 30. Although the artist has also tried to keep her baby out of the spotlight of media attention, she has wanted to share anecdotes and the occasional photo of the little one with all her fans through social networks. The singer said her son hates rap and that, on the contrary, he loves classical, relaxing and calm music.

This weekend he has made use of these platforms to answer once again the questions of his followers and, within the framework of this meeting, he has revealed that her firstborn does not share her passion for rap music And, in fact, the particular tastes of the child – who has a weakness for the Irish singer Enya – prevented him from locking himself in the recording studio to create unreleased songs before giving birth.

“When I was in my belly hated rap music. He would kick really hard. But it did move a little to the rhythm of Seeing Green before I posted that topic. While I was pregnant I could only put on relaxing music like Enya, classical music so that it was calmer. That’s why I couldn’t finish my album while I was pregnant ”, she explained on Twitter.

Nicky has also developed new hobbies in recent months, which in his case include an unexpected interest in the British royal family.

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“My dear ones, as I finish this album and the documentary, I have also been obsessed with ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. The great Kenya Barris recommended that I watch the series and since then I have been hooked. I am not exaggerating if I say that I have seen all the episodes of each season at least five times each, ”he confessed.

Just a few days ago the rapper went crazy on social networks, especially her 135 million followers on Instagram, posed from a black chair in a beauty salon no bra and showing off a minimal thong.

As for the legal battle that the singer’s mother is fighting. It was learned that the woman had already sued the man who killed her husband after he ran over him almost three months ago and fled. Carol Maraj requests $ 150 million for the death of 64-year-old Robert Maraj. The man is currently at large.

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