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Nicolas Cage remembers the moment a horse tried to kill him in his last film

In the mecca of cinema, everyone knows that the presence of children or animals greatly complicates any filming because it is almost impossible to guarantee that they will follow the director’s orders.

In the case of Nicolas cage, throughout his career he has worked many times with horses and it had always been a wonderful experience, in his own words, until a specimen called ‘Rain Man’ crossed his path in the movie ‘Butcher’s Crossing’ who, for some unknown reason, detested him with all his might: the creature avoided all his attempts to be “cute” and constantly tried to throw the star with its back.

“I was in Blackfoot Country. ‘Rain Man’ kept trying to throw me to the ground to try to smash my head with his helmets, and I had to stand up every time and be nice to him, and then he would head butt me. It was not funny at all, “he said during a talk organized by The Hollywood Reporter that also included Jonathan Majors, Andrew Garfield, Peter Dinklage and Simon Rex.

According to Cage, the equine was determined to kill him and, although at first he tried to be tough in front of the rest of the cast, in the end ended up deciding that he did not deserve to risk his life and asked that a double be used for the last scene in which he was to appear riding a horse.

“Rain Man wanted to kill me, no doubt”, he insisted to give an example of the danger that came to run: in a sequence in which he had to gallop in the middle of a stampede of buffalo, the horse began to behave in a strange way and he came to think that he was going to die crushed.

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“As you can see, I have PTSD because of him. I haven’t been able to get over it, ”he said, jokingly adding: “I’m so glad I finished that movie alive.”Although to his surprise it turns out that Majors revealed that he had ridden the same horse and had a different experience.

In turn, Nicolas Cage took the opportunity to delve into the tragic accident that occurred during the filming of ‘Rust’, in which Alec Baldwin killed his director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, because he considers that being a movie star carries a great responsibility and for that reason defends that they should be trained in the handling of weapons.

“I don’t want to blame anywhere. I don’t like the word movie star. We want to be humble actors. But to be a movie star you need to know how to ride a horse. You need to know how to fight. You need to know how to drive a motorcycle. You need to know how to use a gear stick and drive sports cars, and you need to know how to use a gun, ”he said.

On the other hand, Nicolas prepares to be a vampire for the movie ‘Renfield’, in which he will play the iconic Dracula in a Universal Pictures production in which he will share credits with Nicholas Hoult.

The story that will unfold will be based on the novel of the horror genre created by Bram Stoker in 1897. However, the protagonism will not fall to the renowned vampire but to his lackey, who in the book appears imprisoned in the madhouse for suffering delusions that he they made living creatures eat to be immortal, although it turned out to be influenced by Count Dracula, who did not treat him in a good way.

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