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Nicols Maduro offers new concessions to the US and Europe


The most striking measure is the rehabilitation of the electoral card of the opposition Democratic Unity Table, after three years of a suspension

Nicols Maduro offers a press conference in Caracas.AFP
  • Venezuela Spain applauds Nicols Maduro’s maneuver to open a new dialogue with the opposition

The Bolivarian regime advances with new concessions to the United States and the European Union with the aim of sitting at a negotiating table. The most striking measure is the rehabilitation of the electoral card of the opposition Bureau of the Democratic Unity (MUD), after three years of an illegal suspension promoted by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

The opposition defeated Chavismo in the 2015 parliamentary elections with the MUD card, which then managed to unify the entire political spectrum that opposes the Bolivarian revolution.

The other measure of greater weight was announced by Nicols Maduro himself, who did not have any blush in assuring that no longer impose the famous “protectors” after the regional elections in November. “From these elections, I think the best thing is that whoever wins wins, the government in their state, in their municipality. As far as I am concerned, we are going to eliminate what we have called the protectorate, the protectors are over. , for the one who wins to rule. Let’s see how it goes “, advanced the” son of Chvez “, who has worked hard in recent weeks to satisfy the international community.

Last week, the United States, the EU and Canada published a joint statement in which they confirmed their interest in the launch of negotiations between the Government and the opposition, in addition to opening the door even more for the Venezuelan opposition to participate in the regional elections. and November locals.

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“The elimination of protectors that do not exist in the Constitution should never be to replace them by a communal state that does not exist in the Constitution either. It is about Venezuelans being able to decide freely “, the former governor warned Henrique Capriles, who also suffered for years the figure of a protector, who snatched roads, hospitals and police from him among other powers.

Since in 2008 the Social Democrat Antonio Ledezma conquer the Mayor of Caracas, first Hugo Chvez and later Maduro have snatched budgets, buildings and powers at will from mayors and governors, despite their disastrous executive action. The announcement of the “president town” contrasts with the last-minute advances made by the Chavista Assembly, whose communal state law seeks to distribute more local power among Bolivarian militants and officials.

The chain of government concessions began with the imposition of a new National Electoral Council (CNE), with three revolutionary militants and two opponents, close to Capriles, as magistrates. Then other advances have come, such as days of registration and updating of the electoral register, the audit of the automated system or the decision to enable other small parties, such as Red Flag or Nuvipa.

The third most important advance is the reform of the rules for international observation, that have facilitated an EU mission to travel to Caracas next week.

“Appoint protectors, leave Amazonas without deputies in 2015, deny the recall in 2016, the Constituent Assembly, the communal state, the kidnapping of the judiciary and commit crimes against humanity. He confesses dictator when the promise is to fulfill, now, the Constitution. They have little value empty promises, because the facts speak, “he answered from his side. Juan Guaid, president in charge.

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The government and the opposition seek, with the mediation of Norway and with the support of the international community, the realization of a negotiating table, such as the one held in 2019 in Oslo and Barbados.

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