Tuesday, October 19

Nightlife and restaurants come together to ask for patrimonial claims

The hotel business in the Community will remain closed at least until mid-February.

The hotel business in the Community will remain closed at least until mid-February.

Half a thousand requests for claims of patrimonial responsibility before the Department of Health. That is the objective that the Association of Restaurants and Leisure Venues of Alicante (Alroa) and the Association of Restaurants of Alicante (ARA) have set themselves within the initiatives promoted by the limitations of schedules and the current closure of the sector decreed to do facing the pandemic. For now, a hundred have already been submitted and it is expected to reach 250 registered applications by the end of the week.

In the model that the hoteliers fill out, it is insisted that the approval of the resolutions with the restrictions “has led to the closure of establishments and the limitation of an activity covered by the license” without the party requesting the patrimonial claim “having committed any infringement of current regulations ”. Furthermore, reasons are put forward to allege that the decisions against the sector’s activity are “null and void” because, among other arguments, there is a violation of the principle of proportionality. «A globality cannot be penalized for the evolution of contagions, because the administration has the obligation to identify and specify those establishments that really and effectively generate contagions and to them it can apply the administrative actions that may lead to the initiation of a disciplinary proceedings, if non-compliance with the anticovid measures is found, “says the document registered with Health, in which the alleged violation of the principles of normative hierarchy and equality was also argued. The sector stresses, on the other hand, the “seriousness of non-essential activities remaining open and unrestricted.” In addition, they also regret the lack of motivation to “there is no study that justifies the limitation and restriction in terms of leisure and restoration.” The sector adds, finally, that the economic damage is not yet quantifiable since “the damage has not ceased as the limitations continue in force”, which will be in place at least until the middle of the month.

Benidorm’s hospitality industry, together with commerce, has been saying “Enough already” for months and demanding more direct aid for the sector that, in the tourist capital, is experiencing a borderline situation due to the absence of tourists, which has worsened with the last closure decreed by the Generalitat for the new restrictions to face the third wave of the covid. As they did a few months ago in the municipality, the Abreca-Cobreca Business Associations (restaurants), Avibe (travel agencies), Ociobal ​​(nightlife and dance halls), Aptur (tourist apartments), the Benidorm Campings Association , Young Entrepreneurs of the Marina Baixa (Jovempa), the Association of Beverage Distributors (Adislev) and Aico (small business and self-employed) have summoned businessmen, self-employed, workers and relatives to a caravan of vehicles next Thursday, which will leave from Benidorm and will go to Valencia, where they are scheduled to hold a demonstration on foot. All under the slogan “Impossible to resist” and with the intention of demanding more aid for the sector.


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