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Nikolai Patrushev, ‘hawk of hawks’ in the Kremlin

Talking about threatening statementsis the paradigm between cast of advisers of Vladimir Putin. The rumor mill presents him as the substitute in the event that something succeed the leader of the Kremlin. Their frequent interviews are full of conspiracy allegations concocted by the West. Is about Nikolai PatrushevSecretary of the Security Council, the closest collaborator of the Russian president and nicknamed hawk of hawks.

When this man tall stature Y grey hair he opens his mouth, it is to issue warnings or brutally delegitimize his opponents. “We have no deadlines; Nazism (in Ukraine) must be eliminated to 100% or will it rise again“, he promised, when they were fulfilled three months of the Russian invasion, implying that Moscow still aspires to the fall of Volodymyr Zelensky. The policies of the West and kyiv will entail the “disintegration of Ukraine in various states,” he stressed later, dusting off old plans supposedly managed by the Kremlin to curtail the neighboring state.

The West and kyiv are the origin of perversions as the sale of orphans“or the impulse to”organ trade“belonging to”most vulnerable segments of the population of Ukraine” and extirpated from “clandestine way“, emphasizes this man who proclaims himself faithful to the Orthodox Church, .

His most recent warning has triggered alarms in NATO in the face of the possibility that it could lead to the start of an escalation that could lead to a third world war. “Russia will respond to these hostile acts,” she warned, referring to the limitations imposed by Lithuania on the goods transit from the Kaliningrad to Russian territory. The measures “will have a negative influence on the population,” he promised.

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But who is Patrushev? Where does he stand ideologically? And above all: What relationship does he have with Putin?

According to EL PERIÓDICO Andrei Soldatovinvestigative journalist and author of several books on the Russian secret services such as the red web either The Compatriots, the secretary of the security council is, from all around the Kremlin leaderperson nearest in terms of worldview. “Pathrushev and Putin are made of the same stuff, and they share same fears Y prejudices“, he assures.

This opinion is shared by Philip Kovacevicadjunct professor at University of San Francisco and author of The second most powerful man in Russia, an extensive profile on the character. The two are “on the same page ideologically,” she writes in an email. And although in the past “Putin has seemed to be more moderate”, he was just “an intended representation to the domestic and international audience”. Now “the masks have fallen”, he concludes.

ideological crutch

Patrushev has become a kind of crutch for Putin who, when he needs “some ideological supportis happy to please him”, Soldátov values. And the hypothesis that he is the one who replace as president seems perfectly plausible to Kovacevic. “Putin has been a patrushev’s creature and of unreconstructed leadership of the KGB; if anything happens, he’s the most likely replacement for him.”

The Patrushev’s name will always be linked to most controversial moments of Putin’s mandate, in particular to the wave of attacks that shook Russia in 1999 when he was still prime minister and that allowed him to launch the second chechen war, catapulting him into the Kremlin. opponents like the assassinated Aleksandr Litvinenko have accused the FSB of orchestrating the attacks to generate a public reaction favorable to the resumption of hostilities.

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After four explosions in a row in buildings in Moscow and other locations that caused three hundred deadon September 22, in Ryazan, 200 kilometers from the capital, a neighbor saw unknown persons getting out of a car with a big city license plate covered with paper and suspiciously placing sacks in the basement of his block.

When the police arrived, they discovered bags of white powder which was later shown to be explosive, attached to a detonator, finally deactivated. The area was cordoned off and 30,000 neighbors They spent the night in the open. The t’sbeef Suspicious individuals were arrested, but released immediately upon verification that they belonged to the FSB. And finally Patrushev, then director of the secret service, entered the scene stating that everything had been asecurity exercise” intended to test the citizen response.

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With this haunting pastmany speculate that the tandem Patrushev-Putin could come to conceive of the Ukrainian war as a existential theme, where even their own survival is at stake. The researcher Soldatov also identifies this need: “Pathrushev truly thinks that this is an existential war for Russia, and he considers that both are Russia.”

Patrushev and Putin studied at different KGB academies in Minsk and Moscow, Kovacevic explains in his profile. Their meeting, according to the article, must have taken place in Bolshoi Dom (the big house) the KGB headquarters in Leningrad. Unlike other colleagues, explains the academic, Patrushev never showed himself as “a dogmatic communist“, probably because of his “religious beliefs”. In fact, after his appointment as head of the FSB, he promoted the consecration and renewal of the Church of Sophia, the Wisdom of Goda 15th-century temple a stone’s throw from the Lubyanka, the headquarters of the FSB in Moscow.

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