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Nine colorful places around the world that leave us with impressive photographs

It is wonderful to go out and photograph the places you have dreamed of. Finding the most colorful places in the world will feed your desire to travel and take out the camera to bring them to your social networks and enjoy them even more if you print them. Some of these spaces are very far away, but we are sure to find one within five hours of your home.

Manarola (Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy)

It is one of the most photographed towns in Italy, since photographers made it fashionable for the color of its houses. It is just under two hours from the city of Pisa and allows you to forget about the overwhelming art and enter a more rural world.

is in one area with spectacular cliffs to the sea, where they built five towns that are characterized by the color of the houses. All of them are worth visiting, but this is, of course, the most spectacular.

Burano (Venice, Italy)

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the lagoon of Venice. It has nothing to do with the decline of the famous city or with that mysterious island that is Torcello. The only thing you have to watch out for, when taking photos, is that the colors harmonize with each other.


One of the most picturesque islands in Venice

It is 40 minutes from the famous city and is a perfect opportunity to forget about mass tourism. Of course, you have to be aware of the weather to know if you can get to or leave that town. can only be reached by boat.

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Juzcar (Malaga, Andalusia, Spain)

We are facing a town nestled in a beautiful natural environment that agreed to promote a film. The neighbors agreed to paint the houses blue, a color that lacks red to create a perfect harmony. But it is an ideal space to photograph in color.

They can no longer use the trademark of the famous Smurfs. But now it is the blue village with hiking trails and multiple activities among which photography should stand out.

The Blue House (Mexico City, Mexico)

If you like blue, you can cross the ocean and land in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world. But the center of color is in La Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo museum. As they say on the museum page:

Painted blue, outside and inside, it seems to hold a bit of sky. It is the typical house of small-town tranquility where good food and good sleep give one enough energy to live without major shocks and die peacefully…

places full of color

Frida Kahlo’s blue house

Is he blue paradise for photographers that venerate the figure of one of the most famous artists in Mexico. Everything has this tone that changes the perception of the place and allows photographers not to stop shooting.

Vinicunca (Cusco, Peru)

It is one of the favorite destinations of world tourism. It is the rainbow mountain that you have surely seen a thousand times on the networks, described as an elevation with seven colors thanks to the presence of different minerals.

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Here, photographic tourism has changed reality quite a bit, since far from it we find that saturation that is seen in some snapshots. But it is still a great show that could have been lost because of mining.

Red Wall Building (Calpe, Spain)

If you like intense color, you can’t miss this building by the architect Ricardo Bofill. Now he is very famous because they say that the Netflix series ‘The Squid Game’ was inspired by him for his macabre game.

The problem is that now it is almost impossible to enter to capture those reds against the blue of the sea. But you can always look for new points of view from the outside.

Salty Rambla (Albatera, Alicante)

This is a place I’ve been recently… And I have to recapture those colors. It is a very hot place, an ancient and enormous channel of a salty river. You can find yellow, green, red, the result of all kinds of minerals that the most knowledgeable will recognize.

Salty Rambla of Albatera

You just have to find the color you want… yellow, red, green…

In the end it happens as in Vinicunca. The colors you see in the photographs are too saturated to be able to appreciate those tones in all their splendor. But there they are, looking for a good photographer to find them.

Chefchaouen (Morocco)

It would be necessary to analyze why the blue color is so widely used to paint the exterior walls of houses. And Chefchaouen is the perfect example. It is two hours from Ceuta. And on that car ride, everything changes.

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His story is complex. Is founded by exiles from al-Andalus. And they built it based on the cities in the south of the peninsula from which they were expelled. The streets, instead of being whitewashed, ooze blue everywhere. And it is a bet for all photographers.

Redes Natural Park (Asturias)

Whenever a forest is mentioned in these lists, it refers to lost forests in remote countries. But we cannot forget that in Spain we have a little-known natural park, which in autumn becomes a paradise of colours.

Redes Natural Park

Redes Natural Park

I still remember when I began to count the different shades that could be seen in one of the mountains near one of the towns in the area, Prieres. I came to distinguish more than 20 brown, orange and ocher. A sight to behold.

How to be original when taking pictures

Surely you know places full of color in your area. If you want, you can share it in the comments so that all of us who want to take pictures know where we have to go.

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