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Nine officers fatally shoot pedestrian on Nashville interstate

Seeing the subject’s refusal to drop the knife, the agents began to shoot.

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After a confrontation and negotiations that lasted about half an hour, nine police officers killed a man walking alone on the interstate in Nashville on Thursday, indicated the authorities.

In a statement released by Nashville police Thursday night, victim identified as Landon Eastep, 37, but his hometown was not disclosed.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron, Eastep was agitated and was carrying an eyebrow trimmer in his left hand, reported CBS News.

Although the officers tried to defuse the situation, the nine officers, who belonged to three different agencies, Eastep was shot when he quickly pulled a shiny silver cylindrical object from his pocket, but it wasn’t a firearm, Aaron added.

In body camera footage released by Nashville police, officers surrounded Eastep, who was between the northbound and southbound lanes when he was shot.

According to WTVF, the incident began when a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer stopped to assist a police officer before law enforcement arrived.

An off-duty City of Mount Juliet officer who was driving with his family stopped to assist the officer before the rest of the officers arrived.

Look, I’m not wearing a fucking vest, and yet I stopped on the interstate because I want you to go home today.the officer was heard saying on body camera video to Eastep. “I don’t want you dead on the side of the interstate. Nobody wants that. These people here, they have children. Look, I have children in the cars, children waiting. Don’t give them that show, brother.”

The Mount Juliet officer could later be seen telling Eastep to drop the knife and take his hand out of his pocket.

If that’s a weapon you have in there, don’t worry, we’ll figure it out; We’ll fix it! I’m not too worried about that right now, I’m worried about you. I’m worried about you, Landon. Come on, brother, drop it. I know you can do it. I know you want to do the right thing here, and this is your chance,” the agent stressed.

Following that, Eastep is seen on body camera footage taking his right hand out of his pocket and pointing an object at the officers, and that was when the nine agents who were there fired on the subject.

Of the nine officers involved in the incident, six were Nashville Metropolitan Police officers, two were Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers and one was the officer outside Mount Juliet who was in conversation with Eastep.

The incident is being handled by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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