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Nine years in prison for stabbing two men in port for stealing a mobile

Leisure area of ​​the Port of Alicante.

Leisure area of ​​the Port of Alicante.
Alex Dominguez

The Provincial Court has sentenced a person accused of stabbing two men in the city to nine years in prison. leisure area of ​​the Port of Alicante due to the theft of a mobile phone and has acquitted three other accused of participating in the fight, one of them the owner of the stolen terminal. For the Second Section court, it has not been proven that the three acquitted defendants participated in the aggression, two of them defended by lawyers Santiago Manuel Candela Rovira and Aitor Esteba Gallastegui.

The Prosecutor’s Office considered the events as attempted murder and alternatively attempted murder, requesting sentences of eight years and six months for each accused. The private accusation was brought by lawyer Antonio Gascón Castillo on behalf of one of the victims of the stabbing, who suffered a serious stab wound to the neck and could have died had he not received urgent assistance. The convicted person must compensate this victim with 10,000 euros and the other with 5,170 euros.

The facts declared proven in the sentence handed down by the Second Section of the Alicante Court occurred around six thirty in the morning on February 14, 2015 and the scenes experienced in the leisure area of ​​the Port were not even remotely alike to the night of Valentine’s Day, Valentine. According to the ruling, at that time the four defendants began to look for the person who had stolen the mobile phone from one of them. Upon reaching the exit area of ​​the casino, they went to a man who they accused of being the author of the robbery and one of the defendants stabbed him three times with a knife, one in the neck, another in the eye and another in the left side.

The perpetrator of the stabbing then went to another man with whom he also started an argument and stabbed him in the neck with the same knife.

The four defendants fled the scene after the double stabbing and were intercepted on their way to the Port car park by police officers who were on duty in plain clothes and were alerted by security guards in the leisure area.

In the recent trial, the four defendants denied having participated in the double assault. According to the sentence, one of the victims did not recognize the aggressors because he claimed that they threw themselves on him, kicking and punching him, in addition to stabbing them several times, one of them in the eye. The other stabbed male also did not identify the perpetrator of the stabbing and said that all four of them hit him after shooting him and accusing him of stealing a mobile phone.

The ruling adds that the evidence of the charge is insufficient in the case of three defendants, while the DNA report of the fourth accused is “revealing” and his genetic profile and that of the two victims appears on the knife used in the stabbing.

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