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Ninel Conde spoke with ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ about Larry Ramos’ ‘scams’ and sent a message to Giovanni Medina

Ninel Conde.

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After so criticized statement that he sent to the media, Ninel Conde spoke with ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ about the ‘scams’ of which she now assures that it is not her husband, Larry Ramos, and sends a message to the father of her son, Giovanni Medina.

Almost a week after the arrest of, Larry Ramos, for millionaire scam, Ninel Conde spoke exclusively with Raul de Molina and said, among other things: “We decided that the priority right now is to resolve each of their legal issues”.

From the hotel where you are staying in Miami, Ninel received De Molina to speak, in a very restrained way and taking care of his words, about the moment he is going through since Ramos was arrested by the FBI, last Saturday, at an airport in Florida.

The first thing Raúl asked her was how she was, to which she replied: “Many mixed feelings … To tell you that I feel very good would be to lie to you, but to tell you that I am totally lost would also be to lie to you. God has been my anchor, and I take refuge in him whenever there are complex moments ”.

Among the issues he clarified, one of them was that she was not present at the time of arrestAccording to Ninel, she had already been in Miami for several days, and was at the venue rehearsing when it all happened. Also clarified that she is not legally married to Ramos So what you do not know what business your partner does.

One of the key questions De Molina asked him was whether they were separated, something that was revealed in that cold and much criticized statement that his team of publicists sent the day her husband’s arrest was made public.

I don’t know how to answer that … We decided that the priority right now is to resolve each of their legal issues“, He said, without confirming the separation, but making it clear that the relationship would not be going through its best moment.

Even if was very careful when talking about Ramos, and took a neutral stanceWhen he asked about what happened and if she did not know anything, this said: “He tells me his version, what is happening in his words, because I believed him and that is all … He has to explain that and in due course he will“.

In what was very clear, in front of two or three questions from Raúl de Molina about whether she was not afraid of being involved, said no, she had nothing to do with Larry’s business and that he didn’t know much about what it was either. Also assured that their accounts were never used to deposit large sums of money.

On the subject that he did not hesitate to elaborate on, he went to talk about his ex and father of his son Emmanuel, Giovanni Medina and the boy. What’s more, he warned him to shut up on this issue..

“It is very curious and It is very funny that my son’s father mocks and is proud, he has already forgotten that he was a fugitive from justice for a year, nothing more than he was lucky that it was in Mexico, he even had to run out of a supermarket because they were already grabbing him and I was there, then it’s very sad, better shut up“, Told him.

She repeated that she has not seen her son since April 5, because with the pandemic and the non-possibility of face-to-face appointments, plus everything that she says Medina to do to avoid it, it has not been possible. “I no longer take fights, it is not because I do not care, but because it is a wear, and you have to be the best you can be for when that encounter comes to be in the best way for your son “.

Ninel also assured the Univision evening show that she will now focus on keep working because she has a house to support and a daughter who is still financially dependent on her… And about her husband who is not really her husband? Well, she assures that she has nothing to do with that issue.

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