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Ninel Conde: they tell her that she is disfiguring her face by posing next to Alicia Machado, who looks natural

Ninel Conde recently reached millions of followers on Instagram

Ninel Conde recently reached millions of followers on Instagram

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Ninel Conde and Alicia Machado went to the Despierta América studio to celebrate 25 years of the Univision program. The Mexican singer and actress and the former Venezuelan Miss Universe and winner of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos wore spectacular dresses to attend the morning show.

The program published on its Instagram account a photograph in which both appear, side by side, posing and smiling. This image aroused the comments of fans on social networks, who did not hesitate to leave nice messages for both women.

However, not everything was rosy. There were comments that let it be known that Ninel Conde has been through the operating room a lot, and that it shows, while Alicia Machado is a bit more natural. They even said that the “killer hottie from Mexico”, as Ninel Conde is also known, is disfiguring her face.

“An explosive and fun morning with @ninelconde and @machadooficial!”, was the comment that Despierta América wrote together with the publication of both women.

These are some of the comments they have left on the publication: “Please, Machado is more beautiful and Ninel, many surgeries”, “@machadooficial naturalita vs surgery @ninelconde this example that you can be beautiful without so many things in the body”, “Alicia super beautiful, very natural her very pretty face, and well Ninel is not even known for so much surgery”, “Alicia is very pretty and natural, but with so much surgery she is disfiguring herself, how sad,” “What did Ninel do to her face? It doesn’t look like it.”

Machado and Conde attended the program during the anniversary week of the show, which celebrated 25 years accompanying Hispanic families. To celebrate this special date, Despierta América sent Francisca Lachapel and Raúl González to New York to broadcast from the city covered in snow.

While the Dominican was in a part of the city, González was accompanied by Giselle Blondet and Fernando Arau at the other end of the city: the former hosts returned to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.

Another of those who joined the celebration was Jomari Goyso, who joined the challenge proposed by the program and published a photograph from 25 years ago, or more, in which he showed himself when he was a baby and totally naked.

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